Fortnite's Llama Pinata Rewards, Ranked

The Supply Llama is one of the rarest and most useful loot caches in Fortnite: Battle Royal. While Treasure Chests and Supply Drops tend to focus on the more offensive items in the game, Supply Llamas instead only drop supporting items that are useful in crafting and moving across the map quickly.

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They’re more of a shortcut than anything else in Fortnite, as they let a player skip the resource gathering that defines the beginning of most matches and instead get right to finding an ideal location to confront other players and fortifying it. Of course, like all caches in Fortnite, the items you get random and these are the 10 best drops players can hope to get from a Supply Llama ranked from worst to best.

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10 Medium Bullets

Assault rifles and their many variations are the go-to weapons for most Fortnite players. This makes the kinds of rounds they fire, medium bullets, a hot commodity in any given match. The Supply Llama is guaranteed to drop 100 medium bullets whenever a player opens it and is one of the fastest ways in the game to stock up on ammo.

However, Fortnite is pretty generous when it comes to ammunition, and a player is only likely to run out in a match if they get into an extended fight or are splitting the same size of bullet between two or more weapons. Medium bullets are definitely handy, but there are better rewards inside a Llama.

9 Shield Potion


Unlike its smaller variant, a shield potion can raise a player’s shield to the maximum amount. Especially with Frotnite's stronger weapons dealing more than 100 damage per shot, having full health and shield is extremely important when going into a scuffle. The only major downside to using the shield position is that it takes five seconds to drink one, and you need to consume two to reach full shield.

However, since a player doesn’t usually bother to open a Supply Llama when there are enemies nearby, this period of motionlessness doesn’t leave as vulnerable as they would be towards the end of a match.

8 Damage Trap

The Damage Trap is perhaps the most well-known hazard in Fortnite: Battle Royal. Once placed on any flat surface, it will shout out spikes that deal 150 damage to any enemy that walks near it. This makes damage traps an ideal means to fortify a location and protect against surprise attacks. However, its notoriety is also the Damage Trap’s biggest weakness.

Even players with a moderate amount of experience know to anticipate where an enemy may have placed traps, and how to avoid them when entering a building or fort. Traps are definitely useful in controlling how enemies attack, but they rarely bring down other players.

7 Medkit


Medkits are one of the most straightforward healing items in Fortnite: Battle Royal and will heal a player to full health after a 10 second application period. While other items can heal more quickly or recover both health and shield, Medkits are one of only two items in the game guaranteed to bring a player to full HP.

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It’s extended application time makes it less than ideal to use while ducking behind cover, but it is one of the best ways to get back into fighting form after a shoot out. Medkits are definitely one of the most valuable items in the game and most players will make room to have at least one in their inventory.

6 Stone

Stone is one of three resources in Fortnite: Battle Royal that a player can use to craft different kinds of structures. It’s the second most durable resource in the game and usually found by breaking boulders or structures made of cement or concrete. Supply Llamas are guaranteed to drop 200 stone whenever a player opens one and this gives a player more than enough material to traverse the map more easily or build a reasonably sized fort.

Alternatively, players can turn these materials into vending machines for some of the best weapons in the game, but will need to gather a bit more if they want legendary tier weapons.

5 Rift-To-Go

The Rift-To-Go is a special grenade that sends any players in its blast radius up into the air, where they can skydive and glide to new locations much more quickly than walking. It’s one of the fastest ways to move around early in the game, but comes with a few drawbacks.

The sound it makes when used will alert enemies in the area to a player’s presence, and a player cannot defend themselves while falling. It’s not great in the closing minutes of a match, but the Rift-To-Go is a terrific drop from a Supply Llama at the beginning of a match when the circle is closing in.

4 Metal

Metal is by far the most durable resource in Fortnite: Battle Royal and best used to make forts and barricades as durable as possible. However, this material comes with one major weakness. The animation that plays after building a metal structure is the longest in the game, and can give enemies a rough idea of where a player is if they’re building while moving. 

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A Supply Llama will give a player 200 units of metal, which may prove very useful in fortifying valuable positions on the map. It probably shouldn't be used as cover when trying to run away from a fight, though.

3 Slurp Juice

The Slurp Juice is one of the best healing items in the game, as it restores 75 health or shield to a player over time. If a player is below 100 HP, a Slurp Juice will first restore them to full health and then any remaining points will buff a player’s shield.

Since shield is whittled down before health, some players will choose to carry Slurp Juice over Medkits, as Slurp Juice has a chance to give them greater defenses overall. There’s only a five percent chance that a Slurp Juice will spawn when opening a Supply Llama, but if a player does get one it should go into their inventory right away.

2 Launch Pad

As its name suggests, the Launch Pad sends a player into the air and allows them to glide to a new location with ease. A Launch Pad will always send a player the same distance into the air, but players can place the item in an elevated area to increase the distance they’re able to travel.

This item is incredibly useful towards the end of a match, as it allows a player to quickly move from one covered area to another, or breach an enemy’s fort from above. The versatility of movement provided by the Launch Pad is invaluable in the final few minutes of a match and is easily one of the best items to pick up from a Supply Llama.

1 Chug Jug

The Chug Jug is the absolute best healing item in Fortnite: Battle Royal and restores a player’s health and shield to the maximum amount. It only has a two percent chance of appearing when opening a Supply Llama but is by far the best item to drop from the cache. Even if it does take 15 seconds to use, it completely nullifies all the damage a player took on in a fight.

It’s a lot easier to play aggressively when a player has an item that will completely heal them, and Fortnite: Battle Royal is the most fun when approached with an aggressive playstyle. Having this item in your inventory literally makes the game better, and is easily the best Supply Llama drop.

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