Fortnite Nerfs Mechs... Slightly

Epic has listened to your complaints and nerfed Fortnite's BRUTE - well, sort of. You'll now get a heads up just before you're blown to smithereens.

Epic has listened to your complaints and nerfed the BRUTE - well, sort of. You'll now get a heads up just before you're blown to smithereens.

Fortnite Season X is more than a week old now and the current iteration of the game already feels like it's all we have ever known. However, there are still a few bugs to iron out, as always. In defense of Epic, since almost everybody plays Fortnite exclusively online, the developers have to create and patch the game as they go. It won't know that some things simply won't work or sit well until players are using them in-game.

Enter Fortnite's new BRUTE. The giant mechs are Season X's vehicular offering to the game, and they have not gone down well with Fortnite fans. If you are faced with one down on Fortnite Island, the chances of you surviving the attack are slim to none. The BRUTE has missiles, a shotgun, can stomp you into elimination, and also has 1000 HP.

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via Polygon

There was talk of the mechs being nerfed after just one week. However, those changes don't seem to have been instigated. Epic has made some changes to the BRUTEs via the v10.10 update, but it's not what we were expecting. Instead of its missile count being reduced and HP being dropped, it seems we will now get a warning before a BRUTE blows us into oblivion.

Epic revealed exactly how the BRUTE has been altered via a statement on its official website. The mech has been equipped with a "targeting laser." That means players who are about to be showered with rockets will know that there is a BRUTE in their midst and that they are the one who the overpowered mech is looking to take out next. The threat will also be signaled by "directional audio," which potential victims will even be able to hear should they be behind a structure.

It's not what we were expecting, or what players were asking for, but it's a start. As with the Baller saga throughout Season 9, it looks as if BRUTEs will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, Epic will nerf them little by little, week by week, until Season 11 arrives and the mechs are vaulted entirely.

Until then, either get in one or get out of the way.

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