OP And Glitchy Mechs Are Causing Fortnite Streamers To Cuss Out Epic

Season 10 of Fortnite brought with it a few surprises, including new mechs called brutes.

Season 10 of Fortnite brought with it a few surprises, including new mechs called brutes. After Respawn quashed rumors that they were bringing titans to Apex Legends, Epic decided that they would step up. Hence Season 10 now has mechs. There’s just one problem. Just as Respawn predicted, they have ended up unbalancing the game and players aren't happy.

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Respawn suggested that one of the reasons that they were ruling out the addition of titans or other mechs to Apex Legends, despite it being set in the Titanfall universe, was due to balance. It appears that this concern was warranted since Fortnite players have been calling the brutes overpowered and annoying since their introduction.

A glitch which allows players in the mech suits to jump huge distances in seconds hasn’t helped matters. The glitch was highlighted by Myth, when he was playing Fortnite with Tim The Tatman and Dr Lupo for Fortnite Friday.

In the clip you can see that a glitch allows players to jump in and out of the mechs quickly, resetting the cooldown timer on the jump ability. This makes an already overpowered robot even more powerful, as you can take enemies by surprise, covering long distances in seconds. On top of that, a recent patch removed a number of mobility options (such as Ballers) from the non-mech-riding players, making getting away from a mech that much more difficult.

The glitch is so powerful that even Tim feels bad when he manages to land on an unsuspecting enemy team and obliterate them in seconds.

The most vocal, high profile critic of the new brutes is Tfue, who recently went on an explicit curse filled rant about the mechanic.

In the NSFW clip he stresses out after the appearance of a mech seems to crash his game, producing an error message. Standing up and ranting down the mic he says “I f**king hate everything about these f**king mechs, they can go f**k themselves.”

This sentiment is also extended to Epic Games, who he invites to “go f**k yourself until you take these out of the game.”

So far Epic Games has not made an official statement about the brutes or any future updates or balance changes in the works.

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