The 10 Best Gifts For Fortnite Fans

Fortnite has dominated the Battle Royale scene, and its influence has made a lasting cultural impact on every level. Many of us know at least one avid Fortnite player—or maybe we are one ourselves!

Sometimes, though, when those birthdays, holidays, or treat-yourself days come up, we run out of ideas or draw a blank on gifts. We spend hours scouring the Internet for last-minute presents and come up empty. That’s where these Fortnite ideas can help for the #1 Victory Royale person in your life! Any of this loot is sure to make any Fortnite fan a very happy camper.

10 Nerf Rivals Fortnite SP L Blaster


Ideal for blasting your enemies (or most likely your friends), this Nerf gun is both stylish and suited for all battling needs. It replicates the in-game blaster, including a detachable barrel for easy switches between long-distance shots and close-range skirmishes.

You can load up to three shots at a time for quick plays. The blaster comes with 6 Nerf darts, so you can be safe knowing you have back-ups at your disposal. It’s also entirely hand-powered, so no batteries to fret about here. Just load up the darts and get ready to duke it out in real life for the Victory Royale!

9 Xbox One S 1TB Fortnite Bundle


Perfect for a seasoned veteran or a brand-new Fortnite fan, this console is sure to impress. This bundle with the latest Xbox One S includes a full-game download of Fortnite with some added bonuses.

Don’t worry about lacking cool costumes or skins right off the bat since this gift comes with the Eon cosmetic set! That means you get the robotically-cool Eon skin, the Epic Aurora glider for swooping into matches, and the Rare Resonator. If those aren’t quite your style, though, the bundle also comes with 2,000 V-Bucks to spend as you please on the cosmetics of your choice.

8 Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle


If you’d prefer grabbing a copy of Fortnite by itself with some fun perks added in, never fear—the Deep Freeze bundle is here! Just in time for winter’s end, this set includes the Battle Royale mode Fortnite is known for and some cool cosmetics.

Those include the Frostbite Outfit, when you need to suit up for those winter battles; the Cold Front Glider, so you can land in style; the Chill-Axe Pickaxe, for all your crafting needs; and the Freezing Point Back Bling. It also throws in 1,000 V-Bucks for any additional outfits—or even the Premium Battle Pass!

7 Dark Vanguard Funko Pop! Figure


Now you can show off your own real-life Legendary outfit on a fun figure! The Dark Vanguard outfit is a hard-to-get but slick look in-game that allows you to explore the outer limits of the familiar map in fashion.

Even if you weren’t able to nab this sweet skin during Fortnite's third season, this Pop! figure shows off the same iconic outfit. The void-like helmet is firmly in place as Dark Vanguard poses with hands on her hips, ready for anything that a battle has to throw at her. She even glows in the dark for any nighttime expeditions!

6 Loot Llama Plush


It may be hard to find one of the three Supply Llamas scattered across the map in-game, but it isn’t too difficult to find this cuddly 7” tall plush. In Fortnite, these fun fellows will provide ammo, resources, consumables, and traps whenever you need them most in the heat of battle.

Though this plush may not drop those same resources, it’s suited for a Fortnite fan of any age. With that friendly face, who could deny this lovable llama at least one hug? It also has sturdy legs to ensure it can stand on its own if it wants to as well.

5 Monopoly: Fortnite Edition


What’s better than Monopoly? Playing Fortnite-themed Monopoly, of course! Where once you bought up properties, now you battle your opponents and try to survive. Choose any of the 27 Fortnite characters before hopping into the game with anywhere from 2 to 7 players. Instead of earning money, players gain Health Points (HP) to ensure they survive.

But it’s not smooth sailing out there. The action die allows players to build walls, deal damage to their opponents, or grab health packs—just like Fortnite! Even passing GO is a risky venture—it unleashes the Storm, which you can try your best to avoid.

4 Drift Solo Mode Figure


Another Legendary skin, though this one was a Season 5 exclusive with six different unlockable styles like this Solo Mode look. Out of all of Drift’s costumes, this one certainly makes the boldest statement with the colorful cat mask, the long golden coat, and even the golden boots to match.

This figure also comes with the Rift Edge, a pink pickaxe complete with a golden chain to match the rest of Drift’s look. Solo Mode, complete with his own base, would look right at home on anyone’s shelf, dresser, or even in a display case if that’s your style!

3 Omega 5 Star Figure


Finally, the full Omega look is here in figure form! Complete with the helmet and all the accents that were once unlockable in-game, Omega is sure to make an intimidating impression on anyone who stumbles across him. He also comes with two accessories that he can hold or not, including his matching pickaxe that’ll allow him to harvest the resources he needs to succeed.

This figure is also a part of Funko’s 5 Star series, a collection of smaller figures known for their versatile accessories. Omega is sure to last some battles with his weapons by his side.

2 Rex and Tricera Ops VYNL Figures


You’re definitely seeing double—these two Legendary Fortnite skins are packaged together for twice the fun! These rare costumes were part of the Dino Guard set in-game, but now you can show off their sharp grins in figure form.

Rex features his green dinosaur outfit and roaring pose, complete with his little orange scarf and some handy pouches on his belt and legs. Tricera Ops sports the red look with two classy horns and belts galore, topping it all off with a confident pose. Any fan would relish the chance to sink their teeth into this fun pair!

1 Give Me The Loot T-Shirt


The best way to tell anyone that you’re a Fortnite fan is with fashion, and what better shirt to wear than one that shows off the friendly Loot Llama? Emblazoned with the phrase “Give Me the Loot,” this shirt is sure to let others know you’re in need of a supply cache.

The color scheme here is reminiscent of 80s movie posters and aesthetics, using bright purples and blues to make a bold statement. The black T-shirt allows you to pair this top with almost any outfit as well, allowing you to display your Fortnite fandom while also showing off your sense of fashion.

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