Fortnite's New Shadow Bomb Gives You Mystical Powers (But Only For 6 Seconds)

A new item has been added to Fortnite via update v8.51, the final patch of Season 8. The Shadow Bomb.

It is now less than a week until Season 8 becomes Season 9 in Fortnite and players are continuing to wildly speculate as to what is going to happen. Considering the amount of smoke which is currently billowing out of the volcano, it's probably safe to assume that an eruption is imminent.

There has also been speculation that Tilted Towers and Retail Row are not long for this world. The assumption is that the potential eruption could lead to the locations' demise. At the very least we are expecting the two areas to be drastically altered by the magma, ash, and rock emitted by the volcano. However, for the next few days, we can enjoy the last few days of what has been a season focused around change.


The final change came via the final patch of the season, update v8.51. It was a relatively uneventful update in the grand scheme of things, but one that has brought a brand new item to Fortnite Island. The Shadow Bomb. In terms of what it does to its user, it is very similar to the Shadow Stones that were littered around the map when that pesky cube was roaming around and causing all kinds of problems.

So what do Shadow Bombs do? Well, like the stones, when used, it will make you invisible to enemies. However, you will only remain that way for six seconds and will not be able to use weapons, items, or build while under its effect. You will also become gradually more visible as the bomb wears off. During those six seconds, you will be able to move faster, double jump, and also jump off of walls.

You can check out someone using the Shadow Bomb above. In terms of where to find it and how many you can carry, its rarity is Uncommon and you'll come across them in Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas. You'll be able to carry six of them at a time should you find any. Six should be more than enough to escape any battles that you really don't want to be a part of.


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