Fortnite: Nickmercs Joins FaZe In Major Competitive Shake-Up

Popular Fortnite streamer Nick Kolcheff, known as Nickmercs, has surprised everyone by announcing that he is joining FaZe Clan after leaving 100 Thieves following a public falling out. Nickmercs is known for using a PS4 controller almost exclusively and tens of thousands of subscribers on Twitch.

Nickmercs began his gaming career playing Gears of War and eventually moved onto Call of Duty online tournaments, where his skill and personality helped vault his name among the biggest streamers in the industry. He currently has his sights set on qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup with former teammate Nio.

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Nickmercs has been open about how he feels about the situation. Shortly after the move to FaZe was announced, he stated on a Twitch stream:

“[Nadeshot] made some promises to me, as a friend, [about] how we were going to do it, how he was going to take care of me. It just didn’t end up happening, you know? And I don’t, I don’t hate the guy, I definitely don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. [He] and I are not cool, we’re never gonna be cool. I don’t want nothing to do with him, I’ll never do business with him, I’ll never sit down at a table with him ever again.”

Speculation about exactly what was offered has run rampant online. Rod Breslau tweeted about 5% equity being promised to Nickmercs when 100 Thieves was new and growing. Apparently, the agreement was never put into writing and the $5 million dollar promise seemed to vanish in thin air.

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Nickmercs joining FaZe is a shock to many, as FaZe Clan has recently been in hot water after fellow Fortnite streamer and competitive player Tfue talked about his controversial contract. Clearly, FaZe must have upped its contractual offerings if it was able to lure Nickmercs during this time. However, some are speculating that Nickmercs might have been so frustrated with 100 Thieves that he would have taken almost any way out.

For now, we can make some guesses about Nickmercs's contract with FaZe. Since Tfue’s leaked agreement showed an egregious split between him and FaZe, particularly with the “Support a Creator” revenue, the split between the two is most likely tilted in Nickmercs direction.

Banks, the CEO of FaZe Clan, recently admitted that the agreement given to Tfue was garbage and that the group should meet to discuss a resolution. Hopefully, Tfue will see an improvement when it comes to his contract.

For now, there is nothing else to say regarding the split from 100 Thieves, but with $5 million on the line, this certainly will not be the last we hear on the matter.

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