Fortnite Passes PUBG In Monthly Revenue For The First Time Ever

It appears there is still nowhere to go but up for Fortnite. The game continues its lightning-fast ascent to the top of the battle royale genre, while beating out competitor PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in other categories since its July 2017 release.

According to Superdata Research - a firm dedicated to video game analytics - Fortnite has reached its next milestone, beating the monthly sales numbers of PUBG for the first time, generating $126 million in revenue for the month of February. The significance in this statistic is the fact that Fortnite - available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC - has maintained its free-to-play platform since its release. Surpassing PUBG’s revenue pull in February came as a direct result from primarily in-game purchases.

It make sense that Fortnite’s in-game sales have skyrocketed since its inception. The game, being more cartoon-like in nature, lends itself well to a wide variety of cosmetic changes to player’s characters, ranging in everything from goofy costumes to hilarious emotes. There is little doubt that the majority of players would want to differentiate themselves from the pack, customizing their character through the use of in-game purchases; especially considering they never had to pay a penny for the game in the first place.


While PUBG, on the other hand, has in-game cosmetic purchases as well, their primary source of revenue generation comes from the one-time purchase of the game itself. PUBG also limits itself to the audiences of the Xbox One and Windows PC only, missing out entirely on any potential Playstation 4 revenue pull.

Another interesting statistic shows that Fortnite overtook PUBG as the most-watched title between the two on Twitch around mid-February, with PUBG having led the way in this category since the beginning of the year. Fortnite saw a massive spike over PUBG on February 26th, with 15 million unique weekly views, compared to PUBG’s 8.5 million.

No one is necessarily counting PUBG out of the race to be the best within the battle royale genre, yet. But, if developer PUBG Corp/Bluehole is not able to get a handle on their battle against in-game cheating and continue to utilize the majority of its resources on that issue, rather than implementing fun and groundbreaking initiatives, Fortnite, who seemingly appears to be doing everything right, may ultimately come out on top as the clear-cut winner (winner chicken dinner).

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