New Fortnite Patch Introduces A Burst SMG And Vaults The Suppressed Submachine Gun

Fortnite has vaulted the Suppressed Submachine Gun (SMG), released a new Burst SMG, and added three Limited Time Modes (LTM) to the game rotation.

The Burst SMG is already making quite the impression in matches online. Like many new weapons, it feels overpowered in the hands of a crack shot, and useless for anyone simply trying to spray and pray. The bursts provide short, four-round attacks that at close range can kill you outright if hit in the head, unless you have nearly full shields and health. Four hits to the body will only kill you from a blue rarity Burst SMG with no shields.

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Overall, the Burst SMG feels fair in the hands of the average player; unlike when the P90 was released, which had too much damage, too large a magazine, and too high a fire rate that anyone could pick it up and feel unstoppable. The Burst SMG makes you feel as though you may be dying in the blink of an eye, but only to an opponent who has aimed, waited for the proper opportunity, and then landed all four shots in one go.

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Ninja, meanwhile, also considers the weapon as quite strong, but from a competitive standpoint, he sees the advantage come in the potential for bleed-through damage when assaulting an opponent who is building in mid-combat. By pushing through walls, the previous tactic of sitting and building over and over without any consequences is no longer an option. The Burst SMG will be able to push damage through, even if a player sits in one spot repeatedly spamming walls.

The stats for the new Burst SMG are as follows:

  • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
  • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
  • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
  • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
  • 24 round magazine.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
  • Uses Light Ammo.

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This patch also sees the vaulting of the Suppressed SMG. Opinions on this are varied from person to person. Some players love the relative difference in sound made and use it as a part of their playstyle and strategy, while others simply preferred to have this gone in favor of bigger, louder, and deadlier weapons. Now, however, there is no longer the confusion of differentiating between a silenced SMG and a silenced Assault Rifle, which could be deadly considering the difference in power between the two.

The LTMs for this rotation have been changed to Solid Gold Duos, which provide all players with weapons of only Legendary quality, Unvaulted Squads with a limited set of weapons made up of previously vaulted items, and Close Encounters Squads that forces players to get up close and personal with Jetpacks and Shotguns.

As always, try jumping into creative mode first to test out the new weapon. The Burst SMG is likely to cause a shift in the close-combat meta in the coming days, with players no longer able to rely purely on spamming the creation of walls and ramps, so it would be best to learn the ins and outs of the weapon ASAP.

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