Fortnite’s Newest Patch Nerfs The Baller And Reverts Previous Health-On-Kill Changes

Fortnite’s latest patch, v8.20, is here and with it comes a host of changes to the game. The most controversial ones are the nerfs to The Baller vehicle, and a reversing of the popular changes added last season, which granted health, shields and materials upon the elimination of other players.

The Baller changes are taking place due to Epic being unhappy with how the popular vehicle functioned in the late game. The Jurassic Park style gyro-sphere will no longer apply damage to players on collision, although the knockback and bounce effect remain unchanged. The next update will bring a further adjustment, that will allow players to shoot through The Baller’s glass.

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In terms of the changes made last season, which allow players to regenerate health and shields by eliminating others, Epic have said “After monitoring a combination of gameplay, data, and feedback, we’ve gathered necessary info to conclude this initial test. We feel it has resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies.” They have now reverted the following:

50 Health/Shield awarded based on your health after elimination, 50/50/50 materials dropped on elimination, 500/500/500 cap on materials, harvest rate increased by 40%.

While these changes are now reverted in core modes, the new Arena Game Mode will keep them enabled.

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The other big game change coming with the patch is the introduction of a new limited time mode, The Floor Is Lava. Fortnite’s version of the classic childhood favorite will require gamers to use their building skills to get to high ground, away from the spread of lava.

The lava is set to begin invading the map a few minutes into each match. It will then steadily rise until the entire map is covered. Touching the lava will damage your character and bounce them into the air. During the game you will be given a small number of materials every second and can build on the lava, making those building skills now vital for your survival.

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The patch also introduces a poison dart trap as well as new foraged items; bananas, peppers and coconuts. Eating bananas will grant five health, the peppers five health and increased speed for a brief time and the coconuts five health and shields over time.

The Creative Islands also have a couple of new additions in the Creative Creature Spawner and Shooting Range, while Save The World mode gets a new Pirate themed event.

More information about the changes in full can be found in the patch notes.

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