Fortnite's Longstanding PC Duos Record Has Been Broken By Just One Elimination

The record for most eliminations in Duos on Fortnite for PC, one of the game's longest standing records, has finally been broken.

For the most part, in any given game, there are 99 other players gliding down onto Fortnite Island along with you at the start of every round. That means you could potentially eliminate 99 other players if playing Solo. Of course, the odds of that happening are effectively impossible considering the size of the map and where everyone lands. The current record for most eliminations in one round of Solo is 34.

When you think about it, 34 eliminations in one round is incredibly impressive. Taking out more than a third of the field all by yourself as if you are some sort of Fortnite-based Terminator. Honestly, if players are wiped out by a rival with just one elimination to their name, most players feel as though they have accomplished something.

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What's even more impressive are the records currently in play for Duos and Squads. In fact, the Duos record on PC has recently been broken. What makes this new record all the more impressive is that it was one of the longest standing ones on Fortnite according to Dexerto. In March 2018, FunkBomb and Nagezz set the record at 41 eliminations. That record was matched a month later by Baldy and WizKay. However, it has taken almost a year for a Duos team to break that record.

The pairing of Criz and gator achieved exactly that on February 18, 2019, racking up a grand total of 42 eliminations during one round of Duos on PC. You can check out the incredibly impressive and record-breaking feat for yourself in the Twitch video above. Criz got the lion's share of the eliminations with 26, while his partner in crime amassed the other 16 that were needed to make it a world record round.

Considering the last record stood for almost a year, it's highly likely that this new total will stand for just as long, if not longer. The PC record is still a few eliminations shy of the best Duos showing on console, though. That honor is still held by NickMercs and NioiLy who racked up 46 eliminations in one round. That record has stood since January 30, 2018.

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