The Hilarious Fortnite Photo Taken A Split Second Before Chaos Ensued

The below photo is the exact moment a Fortnite squad realized that they shouldn't have stopped to pose for a pic.

The below photo is the exact moment a Fortnite squad realized that they shouldn't have stopped to pose for a pic.

If you play Fortnite, you know that sometimes it can be a lonely place. You might be on an island with 99 other people, but most of the time those 99 other people are out to get you. If you're anything like us, most of the time spent on the Fortnite map is wandering around hoping you find someone else and then instantly being eliminated when you do finally stumble upon someone.

That's only if you're playing solo of course. If you opt for squads though well, that isn't a problem, most of the time. You can either team up with three strangers that Fortnite teams you up with, or roam around the island with three friends. The best thing about it is that if you come under fire and lose all your health, a teammate can revive you if they find you in time.


If you choose to play with three players that Fortnite matches you with then it will likely be strictly business. There probably won't be much chemistry though, and some may even leave you for dead. If you have a group of friends you play Fortnite with then that won't be an issue, however, as you can see from the screenshot below there may be other problems to be aware of.

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A group of four Fortnite players clearly thought they were safe and stopped to pose for a photo. Big mistake. The pic did get taken and was posted for all the world to see by Redditor Jared04892. As you can see, a missile is about to wreak havoc on the quartet's moment of fun, and it looks as if all of them are blissfully unaware of that fact.

What happened immediately after the photo was taken is anyone's guess. Chances are the entire squad was obliterated. However, Fortnite's guided missiles can be pretty glitchy and unreliable, so maybe they escaped unscathed. Either way, it might be the most perfectly timed Fortnite screenshot we have seen to date.


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