Fortnite Players Have Decoded The Black Hole’s Mysterious Number Message

Following Fortnite's world-ending event this past weekend, game detectives and players that just can't left go have been studying a secret code that has been forming within the lingering blackhole. Now, it seems the code has been cracked and players finally know what the mysterious vortex is trying to tell us.

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While there are those who view the Fortnite black hole numbers as a giant troll, others have gone to great lengths in unearthing their deep (and maybe even dark) secret in the hopes of unlocking the game from its slumber. Discovered on a Reddit forum discussing the blackout, these players went so far as to cross-reference the numbers with words from the Visitor's audio logs, which were collected via a challenge in the closing moments of season 10. Only just this morning did the sequence begin to repeat itself, eschewing some sort of meaning to watchful fans everywhere.

The discovered code:

11 146 15 62 / 87 14 106 2 150 / 69 146 15 36 / 2 176 8 160 65

Utilizing this sequence in tandem with the Visitor's audio logs, these fans unearthed an interesting bit of dialogue, which was recorded as follows:

"I was not alone. (11 146 15 62). Others were outside the loop. (87 14 106 2 150). This was not calculated. (69, 146, 15, 36). The nothing is now inevitable. (2, 176, 8, 160, 65)."

Painting a bleak picture of what fans now know best, the nothingness itself, these Fortnite data miners have only seemingly expounded upon the confusion. What the code implies is merely what occurred before the blackout, utilizing the rockets to stave off the inevitable collapse of the universe. The plan obviously didn't go as intended.

Plenty of players can see that there is no real hidden meaning behind the blackout, as the name itself implies Epic is merely doing downtime on their servers as Chapter 2's anticipation rises dramatically. For those getting bored of staring at the black hole and aren't too keen on recording numbers and cross-referencing them with bits of in-game dialogue, there's always the Konami minigame available to pass the time.

It's clear that Epic Games has a myriad of tantalizing new features in store, as evidenced by Ninja's tweet applauding the game for its upcoming map and gameplay. In the wake of Ninja and Reverse2k setting the Fortnite duo streak, it will be interesting to see what the streamer will do next in the game's upcoming facelift. Though the transcription may have only alluded to the very blackout itself, there may still be bits of information to unlock as the highly anticipated Chapter 2 draws near. There's a lot to expect as a whole new era of Fortnite begin.

What lies ahead is anyone's guess, but under the wails and anguished screams of many young Fortnite players out there remains a dash of hope. Maybe it really is the end after all...

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