The Ice At Fortnite's Polar Peak Is Melting And There Is Something (Or Someone) Trapped Inside

The ice inside the dungeon at Fortnite's Polar Peak is quickly melting away and revealing something, or perhaps even someone is inside.

There is no game quite like Fortnite for keeping its millions of players hooked by what is effectively a storyline. The game even has seasons! We've witnessed a missile launch, the arrival of a mysterious purple cube, and the arrival of cube monsters that chased us around the island.

Now, winter has arrived on Fortnite Island, akin to the winter that will soon hit the seven kingdoms in Game Of Thrones. The focal point of this cold front has been a new addition to the map, Polar Peak. There is a castle atop the peak, which is assumedly the home of the Ice King who brought about this new era. Players also discovered dragon eggs, and now it seems that something else is coming.


Up until a few days ago, the dungeon beneath the castle was almost inaccessible due to it being filled with ice. However, that ice is now melting away at an alarming rate. You can see just how quickly that ice is melting courtesy of the video below. The ice has now become so thin that players can sort of see what's inside, and Dexerto reports that it is more than likely the Snowfall skin.

Players can unlock the snowfall skin by discovering hidden banners this week, but the character's part in Fortnite's story is yet to be revealed. By the time you read this, he or she may well have been freed from their icy prison and the next chapter in the Fortnite story may have become clearer. One thing is for sure, that ice is melting extremely quickly.

Once the ice has completely melted and whatever it is inside is revealed, we might well get another of the much-anticipated one-off Fortnite events. Just like the aforementioned missile launch, or when the cube exploded and took everyone playing into a cutscene (we're still not sure how they did that). Fortnite had a massive 2018, and with the intrigue, it continues to create, 2019 is set to be just as big.


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