25 Glaring Problems With Fortnite Fans Won't Admit

Fortnite is currently one of the most widely played video games on the market. Epic Games released the Battle Royale for Fortnite less than a year ago (we are quickly approaching its first birthday on September 26th), and the game erupted within only a few short months of it being out. There are a lot of great things to say about Fortnite, as we all know - but there are also a lot of problems. Some problems are obvious issues with the game, or even the mechanics; while other issues are disguised as good things to the casual eye. In this list of glaring problems with Fortnite fans won't admit, I try to bring forward a critical view that your average Fortnite player either hasn't considered or may not have known about - while trying to keep my points applicable to both casual and hardcore players of the game. With the help and advice of a dedicated Fortnite team, Alliance Vapeur, I have constructed 25 blatant problems with Fortnite that need to be fixed. In this article, we'll be covering everything from visual details, shotgun RNG, skins, and more. If you're a Fortnite fan, read all about the issues with the game that you love to play.

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25 Micro Transactions That Will Leave You For Broke

via youtube.com Fortnite Colsole SECRET You Did Not Know

Epic just keeps coming out with so many amazing skins, pickaxes, and gliders galore! It is an endless ritual for Fortnite fans where they empty their wallets (or sacrifice a few Starbucks drinks) to get the next amazing cosmetic for their free to play experience. Let’s be honest, Fortnite is ANYTHING BUT FREE for most gamers out there. Now there are even more elusive skins where you must buy the new Samsung Galaxy phone to unlock it.

It reminds me of the good ol’ steam sale… but you only spend money on one game.

24 Unpredictable Shotgun RNG

via fortniteintel.com

This has been all the rage up until recently, where the pump was nerfed to a more acceptable damage ratio. Regardless, the random damage number generation is exactly that – RANDOM. Its one of those things that probably makes sense deep within the programming and mechanics of the game, but for players, it is a real game changer. If you hit someone with your shotgun, the number of pellets that reach the hitbox will generate a damage number. Sometimes you get a headshot only worth 16 damage due to all the negative factors like range and number of pellets that hit the head.

23 A Mobile Game That Loves To Glitch

via presstart.com

It was a great idea to introduce Fortnite to iOS, really. I have friends playing who would never in a million years consider themselves gamers. In terms of branching out and getting a larger target audience, Epic Games can be commended. The mobile game is on a whole different, much lower level to PC and Console. It loves to glitch and lag. The mechanics for movement, building, and shooting are slow and hard to get used to, which really turns the game into a whole new being. You can’t implore the same game strategies on mobile.

22 The Console Auto Aim That Went From Used to Abused

via reddit.com

Players have found a way to abuse the auto-aim feature that is great, but totally unfair. You will notice many pro console players (those who haven’t switched to mouse and keyboard) spamming the auto-aim button as they shoot. Every time you release the trigger to aim, you reset the recoil, bloom and otherwise unappealing factors that Epic has included to make the game more RNG based. This is great, but it also takes away the skill required to aim. All you must do is get your reticle to the opponent’s general area, aim, and get that perfect chest shot.

21 Camping A Legitimate Strategy Way Too Often

via pinterest.com

I’m not saying that building a 1by1 box to hide in when someone is shooting at you is a bad thing. I’m talking about the people who hide in a 1by1 box all the time or think they can be sneaky by pressing CTRL and hiding behind a closed door with their shotgun out. Camping isn’t a bad strategy, but there are other things you should do too. Rotation is becoming more and more important these days, but you won’t be able to achieve this if you refuse to leave your safe place.

20 BattlePass Skins That You HAVE To Grind For

This isn’t an easy feat for the casual players out there. Grinding takes time, stress, and loads of effort that you could spend on other things… but nevertheless, we do it for those glorious skins. You can’t get them anywhere but the BattlePass, and you must continually complete challenges in-game to get to it. I had a long and strenuous season where I really wanted a skin, but I had to get to Tier 71 on the BattlePass. It’s like an in-game DLC: totally exclusive to those who buy it.

19 There’s No Environmental Story

via AV SpankyWompers

Everyone and their neighbor must shop at the Fortnite equivalent of IKEA, because the all house interiors look the same from the chairs, to the bookcases, and even the bedspreads. This creates an intense lack of environmental storytelling...

Visual details within a game that add to the overall plot and tone of a game are important.

There are a few places in the game where you CAN find interesting stories, like an old mattress and some household items in a metal storage crate, but otherwise the different locations on the map are only surface stories.

18 Sometimes It’s All Down To Getting Lucky

via youtube.com (LUCKIEST Things To EVER HAPPEN IN FORTNITE!)

Who doesn’t love when they end up in the right place, at the right time, and find all the right loot?

The amount of luck that can either aid or ruin you in a match is still too high for Fortnite to be considered purely a skill-based game. At the Fortnite matches during Pax West, there was a coin toss to determine who would come in 33rd and 34th place out of the two tied players. The person who came in 33rd then moved on to participate in the finals. Talk about a lucky round.

17 1 Elimination Wins (When You Win Without Playing)

via youtube.com

It happens more than you think. You get that one player left clutching their common weapon and avoiding any conflict until the very end, where they somehow manage to eliminate the other guy who has 10 eliminations. Easy victory, right? Of course, it doesn’t work every time, and you wouldn’t really complain if this was you because in the end you DID win. However, for the player who came in second after a match filled with loot, rotations, and pure try-hard moments… losing like this can be pretty tilting. Besides, you won’t improve your skills if you don’t put yourself out there.

16 Lootless Houses Only Lead To Disappointment

via AV SpankyWompers

One of the worst feelings during those early game moments would have to be when you drop into your trusty house of choice – only to find some ammo and maybe a slurp juice. It sucks. You must abort and try to run to the neighboring place to find ANY form of weapon, which could very well get you ended when you come across another player holding a blue pump, drum gun, and some impulse grenades. You could be the best player in the world, but not while holding a 10 damage-per-swing pickaxe.

15 Who Puts A Giant Lake In The Middle Of A Map?


I can understand why it would be in the middle of the map, because it forces players to run either past it or through it more often. However, the disadvantage that it puts you in by running (or trying to run) through the water isn’t worth it. Nor is it worth the material cost to build a floor over it. Loot Lake puts a hole in the map in terms of drop locations and running paths. Epic should shrink the lake or add a form of depth to it, so the outer edges don’t affect your speed until you wade deeper into the water.

14 Burst Assault Rifle RNG Doesn’t Work

via gameworld.vn

Most of the time you land only one out of three bullets. Even if you aim for the chest the spread is so big and the head hitbox is so small, that the recoil leading upwards won’t land a headshot. Only the first bullet is affected with the first shot accuracy, so you may as well use the regular assault rifle instead. With the regular AR, you can take your time with your shots instead of wasting 1-3 bullets each time you try to hit your target.

This is something that Epic has tried to remedy in their most recent patch. The burst AR has been reworked and should hopefully work better.

13 Invisible Bandages For Your Invisible Wounds?

via progameguides.com

There is a lack of animation surrounding the consumables in-game. Bandages and Med-Kits are one case. These items have icons, thumbnails, and even sound effects when you are using them… but you can’t see them when you do. Even just holding the bandage in your hand results in a very empty, useless hand. Why bother calling it a “consumable” if you don’t even show what is being consumed?

It is only a small cosmetic preference, but one that could change the game nevertheless; imagine being able to see other player’s consumables.

12 Potions: Another Consumable That Can’t Be Seen

via kwanmedia.com

Yet another invisible item. One potion I would LOVE to see is the chug jug. Something so glorious (and inexcusably large) would have to be visible in my character’s hand when I have it selected. I would even go so far as you hope that they include an animation worthy of such a “chuggable” consumable. Even if it is a simple cosmetic change or a big overhaul in the animation of the character’s movements, usable items just shouldn’t be invisible… especially when you are USING it.

Jugs out, chugs out, am I right?

11 You Have To Pray To The Bloom Gods

via youtube.com (Bloom Makes Ceez Rage)

Sometimes to the point where being an accurate shooter is a bad thing. You could be aiming directly at someone’s head and have none of your shots hit. Epic did try to remedy this without eliminating bloom, where they implemented the first shot accuracy mechanic. This helps with bloom, but it still doesn’t stop those terribly unfortunate situations. Some players won’t even hold down the shoot button, and instead press it repeatedly to stop the reticle from expanding.

10 The Game Is Too Addictive

via Alliance Vapeur

Everyone and their mothers are playing Fortnite right now. I was at a family gathering and heard a group of kids ranging from 6 years old to 10 talking about the “dancing” in Fortnite. It is an all-consuming, competitive, and yet an amazing social game that people are quickly becoming addicted to. I pray for the many students who just went back to school. Hopefully Epic won’t release any updates during midterm season.

To all the significant others out there who have a partner that’s addicted to Fortnite: you’re not alone.

9 Anybody Can Win (Or Lose)

via youtube.com

As pro player, Dr. Lupo said at the Pax West Fortnite Competitions: “Anybody can win.” This holds true due to many factors like luck, RNG, strategy, and skill. If everything lines up perfectly (all those universes and RNG Gods that you sacrifice to) then you WILL WIN. It just takes time, and lots of Fortnite matches. Everyone deserves to get a W, but it certainly makes it hard to rank players. You can’t really be considered “the best Fortnite player” off any single competition.

Anything could cause you to lose or win a game, and that makes it hard to determine if it was due to skill or not.

8 Bushes Shouldn’t Exist.

via youtube.com (NEXT LEVEL BUSH STRAT)

There is a time and a place for bushwhacking… but not in Fortnite. If you are going to hide in a bush, please understand that we can see you. Either your skin choice is too colorful and filters through the leaves, or your pickaxe is sticking out, etc. Why does Epic even include these hiding spots when most other bushes are supposed to be farmed for materials. I would suggest making these bushes breakable, so if you try to shoot from one you will break the very thing concealing you.

7 It Should Have 7.1 Sound (To Tell What’s Up From Down)

via fnbr.wikia.com

It’s not an easy thing having vertical sound when your headphones have a left and right side, but with 7.1 surround sound as well as real surround sound, it should be incorporated into the game. Especially in drop locations where buildings have multiple floors. Imagine being able to hear someone running above you without the confusion of trying to decipher where the footsteps are coming from. No more guesswork or surprise attacks from those vertical places. But until that technology is introduced, now you know why you have so much difficulty with vertical sound effects.

6 Tilted Towers Is Way Too Populated (Most Of The Time)

via youtube.com (BAD Manners Challenge)

Trust me when I say this. Tilted Towers Sucks. Your framerate WILL drop due to Tilted Tower’s size, and the amount of stress on the server to load so many live players. You will also have a very difficult time learning the loot spots when you’re busy running for your life… or fighting for it. Try to drop somewhere a little less populated. That way you can avoid the pro or solo-squad players that always go to Tilted for quick and easy eliminations.

Only drop Tilted if you’re up for a fight.

5 The Updates Keep You From Getting Good

via epicgames.com

Updates are usually a good thing, right? But when there are so many changes to the game that it also affects game strategies, as well as your own personal weapon choices, it can be hard to get good. Fortnite players are constantly being forced to adjust to new weapons, map changes, and updates galore. Sure, the updates bring forth plenty of amazing buyable loot and the occasional fix… but to what extent should this affect us as players? One example is the double shotgun. This was an amazing mechanic that really benefitted the players who dedicated time to learning it… until Epic removed this ability.

4 It’s Practically Expected To “Bad Manner” Someone

DrLupo Trolls CDNthe3rd[/caption]

I’ve done it, you’ve done it. Let’s be honest, it is a great feeling of jubilation (pun intended) to dance on the corpse of your opponent in a Fortnite match. Even if you haven’t even eliminated them yet and they are still down, you must first get that good ol’ BM in before you end their life. It happens all the time, and to be the person getting BM’d really sucks. “Go ahead and be impolite,” said no one ever. Games are the one medium where it is considered okay to have bad manners – but to an extent. Never overdo it, it's bad enough as is.

3 You Can’t Pick From The Default Skins

via dexerto.com

This has bugged me since the very first time I launched Fortnite. I remember being in the lobby and clicking on my character repeatedly to no avail because I wanted to change the default skin. Epic did an amazing job creating a diverse range of default characters to play, but what’s the point if you can’t pick the one you want? This creates a sense of pure helplessness when it comes to skin customization that really pushes fans to buy skins. It’s great for Epic, but not so fun for those who aren’t able to shovel money into the game.

2 Your Account Banner Looks Like Everyone Else’s

via reddit.com

The banners are a cute and oversimplified edition to your Fortnite account. Customizable banners are not uncommon, which is why the Fortnite banner really fails in comparison. The colors are very limited, and the symbols are very basic. There are few cool ones, so the chances of someone else using the same banner symbol is very likely. Diablo III is a perfect example of an effective banner, because it is so customizable and unique to each player that you can really get a feel of the person who created it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

1 Ninja’s Stream Can (And Will) Steal Your Viewers

via twitch.tv/ninja

 Everyone knows who Ninja is. If you don’t, then why are you reading this? He is only the BIGGEST streamer ever to exist on this planet, no big deal. He gets tens of thousands of viewers when he streams, which will always be taking away from the potential viewers for yours. Starting up a stream is a long and viewless endeavor, so having someone like Ninja to steal all the spotlight really doesn’t help.

If you want to be a streamer, I say go for it! Just try to stream when the big fish aren’t.

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