Player Breaks All-Time Fortnite Record By Playing Dirty With Rockets During Special Event

One player took out 48 others at once by destroying their super-tall structure during a special event.

Now, see, this is it. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things. What happens when a group of players call an unofficial, momentary truce to peacefully observe a moment in Fortnite history? Well, predictably, some opportunistic soul comes along and blows them all up.

It was inevitable, really. Fortnite is, after all, a battle royale first and foremost. You only have to have witnessed its legal snafus with fellow genre-maker PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to know that. The goal is to be the last survivor. How? It doesn’t matter, as long as you make it.

This weekend, Fortnite played host to a special one-off event. Epic left players cryptic hints beforehand, suggesting that they 'look to the sky' when playing during a certain time. What did all of this mean? A rocket launch, that’s what. Players who were mid-match during this time saw a magnificent spectacle: A gigantic missile was launched into the air, before colliding with a forcefield and plummeting back to Earth.

This was a special little easter egg of sorts, which many players predicted as a sort of precursor to season five. Nobody predicted what would happen during the event, though.

Via: The Verge (Nick Statt)

This being a one-off event and all, many players decided to take a break from trying to horribly mangle each other and settle together to watch the launch. In one match, 48 people settled together in a large man-made structure, only for... well, you can probably guess where this is going.

If you’ve played much Fortnite, you’ll know that building big ol’ bases is a popular pastime. You’ll also know that said buildings are destructible, and can collapse horribly and instantly if certain parts are destroyed. One devious player by the name of @ElementaI_Ray saw their opportunity and, with a casual attack, took out 48 players. With this dubious achievement, they rocketed immediately to the top of the Fortnite leaderboards, for defeating the most players in a solo match ever.

Naturally, the internet just can’t reach a consensus on this one. Was this a stroke of pure brilliance, or The Most Evil Act Ever Committed In A Video Game™? The victims who didn't get to see the rocket launch probably fall in the latter camp, but what say you?

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