Fortnite's Rocket Launch Has Caused Rifts In The Game, And They're Growing

Fortnite's Season 5 is fast approaching, as well as a rocket leaving rifts in the sky. What does it all mean?

Fortnite's rocket was finally launched over the weekend and it seems to have caused a number of rifts across the game's entire map.

One of the main reasons that Fortnite remains so popular is because despite its battle royale mode only having one map, Epic Games is constantly making changes to it. The biggest of those changes comes at the end of each season, and the finale of season four is fast approaching. There has been plenty to get excited about as we hurlte towards season five too.

The start of season four was based all around a meteor hitting the map. This time around the focal point has been a rocket. On Saturday that rocket finally went off, and it has caused some interesting changes to the map. The most notable is a massive rift in the sky high above where the game takes place. It's not the only one either and players have been discovering a number of smaller rifts on ground level.


What does this all mean though? Well, Polygon has been trying to make sense of it all. With the help of a Fortnite player on Reddit, Polygon pointed out that the main rift in the sky has been getting bigger. In a graphic which you can check out here, you can see that the rift grew significantly in the day and a half following the rocket launch and it has likely grown even more since.

The most popular theory is that season five's theme is going to be time travel, and that once the rift reaches a certain size, presumably in a little over a week when season four becomes season five, the entire map and game will travel through time. If that does happen that could mean an entirely different map. Well, technically the same map but it will look very different as it will be at a different place int time.

Whatever Epic is up to, if you play Fortnite then it is pretty fascinating. As mentioned above, it is extremely clever how so much intrigue can be developed over a simple game that has just one map. Fortnite's seasons effectively make it seem a little like a TV show. The countdown clock let players know when the rocket was going to launch and most of them threw down their tools so that they could watch it all go down, and it was definitely worth it.


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