Rumor: Glitches In Fortnite's Tilted Towers Might Confirm Big Changes Are Coming

Speculation is high that changes may soon be coming in Fortnite to Tilted Towers, based on a number of glitches that have been occurring to players who land there. Well-known player, Legionbus, uploaded a video showing the area with significant polygon generation issues. While riding a golf cart, we see the player phase through the ground and appear to be stuck for a moment.

This could not have occurred at a worse time, as the glitch became apparent during the World Cup Qualifiers. However, Epic responded quickly and had the problem patched soon after. Unfortunately, new problems appeared with the drop of patch v.8.51, where your avatar is instantly killed if you enter the basement of the pawnshop. Again, Epic has responded that a fix is already in the works.

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A change to Tilted Towers has long been discussed among both the casual community and the pros, and as we have seen in the events presented during each season, Epic seems perfectly comfortable with cutting entire slabs of the map out to be reimagined and repurposed. We have seen this with the inclusion of new geographical biomes; whereas before the entire map used to be a lush green, and a bit swamp in the South-East, now we have a massive desert next to a polar winter area. Such changes help keep the game fresh, and are much healthier to the game than, say, unbalanced planes that have required consistent adjustments.

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In many ways, it is a little surprising that Tilted Towers has remained in its original state for so long, considering how much else has changed on the map since the launch of the game. One major concern that players have is that too often, the only real option is to go to Tilted if there is to be any action. Streamers need to entertain their audience, and that often means that Tilted is the only place to go. Other places often feel like ghost towns, with no one in sight.

While this is not a terrible point for those who wish to stock up on weapons and crafting materials uninterrupted, it brings about a discussion on the nature of the game. Do you want an action-packed round where most players will die within a few minutes of jumping out of the bus? Then go to Tilted. Do you want a much longer game, where you may not see another player until there are only ten people left on the entire map, finally forced to fight by an ever-shrinking storm? Well, you have that option as well.

Yet, the two points seem at odds with one another. Eliminating or adjusting Tilted Towers does seem long overdue, and if a change does come after the current Rune event, hopefully, it will lead to a more balanced spread of players across the map. The pros have certainly had no shortage of opinions.

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