Are You Playing Fortnite: Save The World? Here Are Five Reasons To Branch Out From Battle Royal

Are you one of the many players of Epic’s Fortnite: Battle Royal, but not also playing the Save The World mode? If so, there are a number of things you may be missing out on. Currently, 23% of players on the PS4 Network have Gunsmith trophy, which is an indicator that upwards of 77% of Fortnite players don’t play Save the World, the paid component of the game. Here are the top five reasons you should be playing it right now.

V-Bucks…So Many V-bucks!


First off, Save the World isn’t free (yet), but it is on sale pretty often. If you snag it at 50% off, it’ll pay for itself in no time, as you quickly earn 4,000 V-bucks for progressing through the game just for doing Storm Shield Defense missions every so often. Then, you also have an ever-replenishing amount of daily quests for additional V-bucks! With the currency awarded in game, you may never need to pay for the Battle Royal Season pass out of pocket again.

The PvE Aspect Makes You A Better Shooter

How many times have you played a Battle Royal game with a weapon you do not often use and felt…well, rusty? It happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to. Save the World requires you to be constantly crafting new and exciting weapons, giving you a broad feel for how everything should work. Although many guns act differently between the two modes, the Assault Rifle being a quick example, you will have lots of practice to work on those head shots as the hordes of Husk monsters try to destroy your objective.

Buying Save the World Makes You A Founder, And That Bags You Some Sweet Loot


Do you need to collect all the things? If so, buying the Save the World mode grants you access in Battle Royal to the Founder’s Glider and Umbrella, Rose Team Leader and Warpaint skins, and the Pursuit and Skirmish back bling. On the Save the World side, you are also awarded with the schematic for a powerful weapon that helps in the early stages of the game.

Unexpected Promotions: The Storm King Pin


No one asked for it, and no one expected it. Without warning Epic informed its Save the World player base that if they could complete the PvE content up to a certain point by a specific date, they would mail them these exclusive, one-of-a-kind collectable enamel pins to celebrate the defeat of the big bad boss. Many rushed to complete the objective over the Christmas break of 2018, including the author that writes to you now. While that promotion has ended, who knows what other events may be added in the future?

It's A Bloody Fun Game, And You'll Meet Other Players To Join Up With In Battle Royal

Aside from all the V-bucks you can score and the improvement you’ll see in your aim, the PvE campaign is bloody enjoyable in every way. Do you like funny robot assistants? Hoverboards? Crafting guns? This mode has it all. An unexpected bonus lies in meeting other players within Save the World who, like you, are now experts in the finer points of the game when it comes to weapons and building. What better way to celebrate the successful defense against an army of husks than to party up afterwards and head on into Battle Royal mode. It is a far better experience than a four-man randomly paired squad, where one person is AFK, another demands you all drop into Tilted Towers, and and the third is yelling at you to give him that golden Scar you recently looted.

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