Fortnite Season 10: Where To Find The Stop Signs

Want to take part in Fortnite Season 10's stop sign challenge but don't know where to start? We've got you covered.

Fortnite Season 10 is not only upon us, but it is well and truly underway. With a new season comes new challenges, whether you're just playing for free or getting a bunch of extra ones via the Battle Pass. As one season ticks over into the next, we get that overwhelming sense of relief as the few remaining challenges that are leftover which we have been struggling with for weeks finally disappear. No more trying to eliminate players with a stick of dynamite, and we can once again return to challenges being as simple as landing in the right place.

Season 10's challenges are actually going to be a little more challenging than normal. That's because once you have completed some of them, you will then be tasked with doing the prestige versions of them. It's effectively like doing the challenge over again, but with an added caveat that will make it a little tougher to accomplish. Take the stop sign challenge introduced in week one, for example. All you have to do the first time around is destroy 10 stop signs. The prestige version requires you to destroy seven in one round. Not so easy.

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The Stop Sign Challenge

Before we get on to the prestige version of this particular challenge, let's cover how exactly to get the basic one done. If you're anything like us, you won't know exactly where all of Fortnite's stop signs are off by heart. In fact, it was news to us that the island even has stop signs on it. As soon as we saw the challenge, we assumed we could land in any of Fortnite's many built-up areas and start hacking away near intersections. That is not the case.

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Where To Find Stop Signs And How To Destroy Them

For some strange reason, only four of Fortnite's named locations come complete with stop signs. Mega Mall, Salty Springs, Paradise Palms, and Pleasant Park. Perhaps the residents (or former residents, where exactly did all of Fortnite's inhabitants disappear to again?) of the other towns or the map simply don't value safety as much as those who call these places home. So yeah, first thing's first, make sure you actually land somewhere that stop signs are present.

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As you might have guessed, when it comes to hacking down stop signs, there is no quiet and covert way to go about it. Since they're all next to roads and out in the open, you're going to have to risk getting shot and eliminated if you want to complete this challenge. Remember though, for the first challenge, there is no hurry. Your mission is to destroy ten of them, but if you really wanted to, you could do that across ten different matches.

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You're better than that though, right? You want to take out all ten in one fell swoop. That way, when it comes to the prestige version of the challenge, taking out seven will seem like child's play. If you want to get this all done in one go, then you better head for Pleasant Park. According to Forbes, there are no fewer than 13 stop signs in that area alone. One lucky run around the town and you're all set. A second lucky run and even the prestige part will be done, but more on that in a sec.

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Stop Signs Outside Of Pleasant Park

If you're the traveling type and want to be a little more covert when it comes to stomping stop signs, we'd recommend you venture elsewhere to get this challenge done. Since the challenge is still less than a week old, chances are a great many players will still be trying to do it. That means an abundance of players heading to where the action is, aka Pleasant Park.

There are a couple of signs just outside of Mega Mall, and since most of the eliminating is done within the mall's walls, you shouldn't be troubled too much tracking down these ones. Salty Springs is a handy place to go hacking, as even though you will still be exposed somewhat, this part of the map provides its stop signs with more shelter and cover than any other. Last but not least, there is Paradise Palms. This can be a busy area at times, but not if the storm is descending. If you're confident you can make it back safe, try heading here for your stop sign challenge when the likelihood of being interrupted is slim.


Back to the prestige challenge, and the only place to get this done is Pleasant Park. You can try hopping between named locations if you like, but you'll just be making things hard on yourself. There are 13 to choose from, and even if you have to wait for things to die down, there should still be plenty for you to mop up. So, what are you still doing reading this? Now you know where they are, hop on the battle bus and get to Pleasant Park, there are stop signs to be destroyed!

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