Find Out If It's Possible To Reach Level 80 Before Fortnite Season 6 Begins

Wondering if it's even possible to max out your season five Fortnite level before season six arrives? Well, stop wondering and start calculating.

Ladies and gentlemen, business is about to pick up on Fortnite, as if it hasn't already. Season five is rapidly coming to a close and bringing a whole host of chaos, action, and most of all speculation along with it. The giant purple cube that has been slowly making its way around the map has now melted into Loot Lake, making it purple and bouncy, so what's next?

Well, as always, that's down to us Fortnite Players' overactive imaginations to try and figure out. Epic, the game's developers, rarely let anything slip and only give us ambiguous clues that we normally misinterpret. Some players believe that season six will be bringing a mirror realm along with it that will change the game forever. Not long to wait to find out now!


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Before season six arrives, however, we still have a tiny bit of season five left to play. As always, your level will reset once the new seasons begins, super annoying if you're oh so close to maxing out at level 80. Perhaps you're playing around the clock to try and reach the promised land before it's too late and you have to start over. Well, before you do that, take a look at this.

A user on Reddit has created a Google Doc that figures out whether you have enough time to reach level 80 before the start of season six. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here. Simply scroll to the bottom of the doc and input the required information. You will need to know your goal total XP, which you can find on the doc depending on what level you're aiming to reach, your current total XP, how many days are left, how many hours per day you're willing to play, and how much XP you gain per hour.

Once you have entered all of that info, the doc will crunch the numbers and give you a simple yes or no answer, plus how much XP you'll wind up being short by. That way, if you have the hours, you can pump more in and perhaps reach the level that you covet. Better be quick though, at the time of typing this there is less than 48 hours to go until season six. Time to start leveling up, and fast.


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