Fortnite Season 6 Starts Next Week, Massive XP Boost Starting Right Now

Epic Games announced on Twitter that Fortnite Season 6 will start next week. There is an XP boost now till Monday for any last Battle Pass challenges.

The phenomenon that is Fortnite continues to go strong. Epic Games announced on Twitter that Season 6 will now commence in six days, on September 27th. In addition, to help achieve those last Battle Pass awards, there will be a big XP boost until Monday, September 24th.

As for what to expect in Season 6, it's a mystery. The infamous purple cube that had been moving about on the map dissolved in Loot Lake a few days ago, making the water a jumping zone. Before that, the cube destroyed part of a building in Tilted Towers. There are of course theories throughout the internet on what to expect from Season 6, but there hasn't been any confirmation or overt hints in the game.

Season 5 began in July. The biggest thing it did was replace a good chunk of the map with a desert portion. The most notable part of the desert is Paradise Palms, complete with one of the tallest buildings in the game. Karts became a big factor, as players can hang back near the storm and race away quickly. Another notable addition was the inclusion of the Viking Outpost, which was hinted at in Season 4. Lazy Links replaced Anarchy Acres, with Lazy proving to be one of the more popular additions. Tomato Town, home to the pizzeria, was replaced with the rather strange Tomato Temple. Meanwhile, Dusty Divot was remodeled, and the famous, large soccer field located in the northwest part of the map was removed. There have been other map changes as well. In short, Season 5 was home to a number of notable map additions and changes.

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Of course, Season 5 was also home to quite a few new weapons. The Compact SMG has proven to be a favorite, and now there's an even better Port-a-Fort: the Port-a-Fortress. There were some new limited time modes as well, such as The  Getaway, and 50v50 Solid Gold.

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It will be very interesting to see what the overall theme for Season 6 is. What kind of changes will take place? Will, controversially, Tilted Towers be destroyed? (Probably not.) Will the Drum Gun return? Will there finally be a true 1v1 mode? Will Epic re-implement video capture for Switch users? Hopefully we'll know the answers to these questions next week. In the meantime, if you haven't achieved all the Battle Pass awards, and want to get that last costume, now's the time to get to work.

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