ARRRR Ya Ready? Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite’s Pirate-Themed Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 is now just days away and rather than the expected theme of fire, it would appear that we're about to welcome pirates to the island.

As always, the action in Fortnite has been ramping up as the current season prepares to come to a close. Season 8 will officially be ushered in this Thursday (February 28) and we have seen everything from earthquakes to a battle between two elemental kings over the course of the past few weeks.

Surprisingly, the teasers currently being dropped by Epic Games suggest that Season 8 will be neither fire- nor natural disaster-themed. Instead, the new season will seemingly focus heavily on pirates. The first hint was posted via Fortnite's Twitter account on Sunday. It reads that "'X' marks the spot" and the picture features a silhouette of a pirate's hook. Also, perhaps the lost loot is a reference to the return of Loot Lake in its original form. You know, before it was blown to bits by that wretched cube.


On Monday, another similar hint was dropped. Not only did the second cryptic clue seemingly reference pirates once again, but it also mentions snakes. There was a point during Season 7 where players discovered eggs up at Polar Peak. At the time, it was thought that those were dragon eggs. Is it possible that they actually contained snakes? Epic's creative director Donald Mustard all but confirmed that via the below tweet.

It's not all good news, though. Despite the litany of additions that will come along with Season 8, we will also be losing something that has been a big part of Season 7: Stormwing Planes. It has already been confirmed by Epic that once the current season comes to an end later this week, the ability to fly through Fortnite's skies will be going along with it. The Stormwing will be replaced though, by a new single occupancy vehicle. In keeping with the pirate theme, we're guessing that it will be a boat of some sort.

Since the themes for the previous two seasons have effectively been based on the time of year, it is refreshing to have a brand new, unexpected one to look forward to. There is more teasing to be done before the pirates arrive on the island via the aforementioned waves. Another riddle will drop later today, and there is still a huge earthquake that is expected to take place on Wednesday. A jam-packed and exciting week for Fortnite indeed. Bring on Season 8 ya landlubbers.


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