Never Mind The Mechs, Here's How To Get Your Personal Fortnite Season 9 Highlight Video

If Fortnite Season X has got you down as much of the rest of us, perhaps looking back on your best moments from Season 9 will pick your spirits up.

Season X of Fortnite is almost two weeks old and as far as we can tell, players are still as disillusioned with it as they were when it first kicked off. The biggest peeve everyone seems to have right now is the overpowered mechs (or BRUTES) that are ruining everyone's good time. Seriously, how are we supposed to stack up against them?

If, like us, you are longing for the simpler times of Season 9, Epic surprisingly has you covered. Even though Season X's theme appears to be time travel, we can't go back in time, but we have been given the next best thing. A personal highlight video so that we can relive all of our biggest and best moments from Season 9.

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How To Get Your Highlight Video

Before you get too excited, there are a couple of caveats. You have to have purchased the Battle Pass for Season 9, and also completed at least 20 of the weekly challenges. Both free challenges and Battle Pass challenges count, but the Overtime and special event challenges do not count. If you think you qualify and want your video, then you can find it on Fortnite's official site.

After logging in, if you meet the criteria, the site will ask whether you want to piece together your own highlights, or if you want to let Epic do the honors. The options that you can select to be used in the video are your Victory Royales, favorite weapons, collected Fortbytes, and whether you watched the gargantuan Robot versus Monster battle, plus a lot of other options.

The video won't show you actual footage of your elimination and finest moments, but will hit you with stats and fond memories. It's effectively the Fortnite version of Facebook's Friendiversary videos. We're big fans, and the ending of ours would suggest Epic will do the same for Season X. We wonder if we will have the added option of including the number of times we were blown to bits by BRUTES next time around.

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