Fortnite Just Stealth Dropped A New Weapon

The most recent update from Tuesday added an all-new weapon to its steadily growing roster: the Harpoon Gun.

After sucking all of its many players into a black hole and dragging an additional 7 million viewers just to watch Fortnite's streamed event horizon for hours, Epic Games has until recently added very little. Aside from a few bug and stability fixes, that is - of which they have neglected to add patch notes to.

However, the most recent update from Tuesday added an all-new weapon to its steadily growing roster: the Harpoon Gun. Though they have had it before in earlier renditions of the title, it's not only received a face-lift but a relatively upgraded damage boost and some extra mechanics thrown in.

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The Harpoon Gun, which is only a rare weapon and cannot be upgraded, carries a total of 10 shots and delivers a whopping 75 damage to targeted players, but an additional 150 is outputted on structures. Unlike its early predecessor, the Grappler, which realistically only added some much-needed improvements on mobility, the Harpoon Gun allows players to think both strategically by destroying targeted structures, or methodically by hitting their opponents with the weapon. That said, it should be noted that the Harpoon Gun will drag enemies closer to you, so be cautious about how and when you use it.

It can also be used to drag in items off the ground, so if you really need that medkit and don't want to run out into the open only to get sniped to death, now you can easily grab it from cover. You can also use the new Harpoon Gun to fish, which is both a funny and interesting mechanic that can be the difference between life and death if used at the opportune moment. This adds a completely new layer to Fortnite's now focalized fishing mechanics and its various possibilities.

With no warning at all, Epic Games has added this newly improved whaler gun to its armory. Thus far, it seems to have garnered some well-regarded attention, though we wonder if it will last.

Over on Reddit, a multitude of fans have made their feelings heard to Epic on the nature of its now silent patch updates. It's unclear why exactly Epic Games has left its fandom in the dark, but surprises are now in Fortnite's nature. Not a soul expected the multimillion-player title to go down for a few days, yet it still simultaneously drew in a massive crowd despite not even being able to play.

While there may be some players who think Fortnite's Chapter 2 is floundering, it still has its merits and is very enjoyable - especially now that the heart-attack-inducing zombies are finally out of the game. The all-new fishing gameplay mechanic is a staple of this newest season and will be drastically updated in a variety of ways as the chapter progresses. With very little new content being added, it will be interesting to see how Fortnite vies for a larger player base as a few competing titles are released around the same time.

Without alerting any of its fandoms, though, Epic may be shooting itself in the foot with its own Harpoon Gun.

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