Fortnite x Star Wars: How To Get To The Star Destroyer (And What You’ll Find)

There's a Star Destroyer hovering above Fortnite Island right now. Here's how to get to it and what happens when you arrive.

There's a Star Destroyer hovering above Fortnite Island right now. Here's how to get to it and what happens when you arrive.

Fortnite is the undisputed king of the crossover in the video game world. Nevermore so than in 2019. Some of the game's crossover events this year alone have included collaborations with Marvel, John Wick, and Stranger Things. The latest might be our favorite so far, though. An event to celebrate the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

That's right, elements of the biggest sci-fi franchise of all time are now available on Fortnite. Most notably, a Storm Strooper skin that we would recommend every single player tries to get their hands on. While its appearance is very accurate, how players act while wearing it is not. For complete authenticity, we'd argue that a player's accuracy should be significantly reduced while wearing it, but that is not the case.

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Another element of the Star Wars universe that has shown up on Fortnite Island, or rather directly above it, is a Star Destroyer. Many players will be content with staring up at the ship, thinking how cool it is that it is even there. Not everyone, though. Some will feel an incessant need to pay it a visit. YouTuber Ali-A is one of those players.

Ali-A first went to his own created island in his successful attempt to get to Fortnite's Star Destroyer. After successfully getting the game to glitch to the point that his Storm Trooper-clad avatar was hovering over the Battle Royale island instead, and his own island had disappeared, Ali-A began to slowly ascend to the heavens, and thus the Star Destroyer he desperately felt the need to pay a visit.

Ali-A's mission might have been a success, but the end product was a disappointing one. Not only was there not someone like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren waiting for him on the ship, but it turns out the ship isn't even physically there. Ali-A simply passed through it as if it were the ghost of an already destroyed Star Destroyer. Fingers crossed that Epic discovers players have made it up there and makes it something physical we can land on.

Source: YouTube

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