Miss All Your Shots With This Stormtrooper Fortnite Skin

Fans who buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in Epic Game Store can get a Stormtrooper Fortnite skin (and might even be able to use it to hit enemies).

A Stormtrooper skin in Fortnite? Victory royales may be a little thin on the ground considering these guys’ blaster skills, but who could refuse?

Now, as developers and publishers everywhere know, it’s all about momentum. A successful, record-breaking launch is always going to be a huge deal, of course, but you’re in this for the long game. Nobody wants to slowly lose that head of steam and watch as their player base dwindles away into nothingness. That sort of thing is devastating.

So, it's easy to wax lyrical about Fortnite’s incredible success - about how it’s now been released on just about every system known to humankind and how it’s still the phenomenon it’s always been. The Nintendo Switch port, for instance, had been downloaded to almost half of all Switches worldwide just a few months after its release at last year’s E3. The game’s a bigger deal than ever, thanks to the recent launch of Chapter 2 and all its brilliantly bizarre new additions to the familiar gameplay. Even so, this is no time to get complacent.

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Huge content drops are one thing, but neat little touches and updates are also necessary to keep players trucking (or entice them back with that special skin that tickles them just right). Over in Overwatch, a limited-time event to grab Mercy’s Dr. Zeigler skin is ongoing. If that sort of thing isn’t your style, how about a nifty Fortnite Stormtrooper cosplay? Check out the reveal trailer:

Fortnite, of course, is no stranger to these sorts of pop-culture crossovers, so it’s not at all surprising to see something like this hit the in-game store - especially not with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hitting the Epic Game Store (purchasing Fallen Order there will unlock the skin for free). Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker is also only about a month away.

Long-time Star Wars fans have mixed feelings about the direction the franchise has taken of late, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: Stormtroopers are incredibly iconic and immediately recognizable. They may be a little conspicuous running around the Fortnite map, too, but let’s look on the bright side: with so many weapons available in the game, there’ll surely be something that they can actually hit enemies with.

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