Fortnite Switch Is Available NOW For Free (Sorry, Paladins)

Fortnite has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, for free, and it's available right NOW.

Nintendo has announced in the E3 2018 Direct that Fortnite will be available for download as soon as the video is over - which basically means right now.

via twitter.com

The announcement comes after weeks of teases, rumors, and leaks. The latest of which was an update for the Nintendo Switch that included Fortnite Battle Royale in the code notes. Before that, it was leaked notes for the Nintendo Direct itself.

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Sadly, Paladins was also due to drop today for the Nintendo Switch, and now it has to compete with arguably the biggest game in the world. RIP Paladins on the Switch, we hardly knew ye.

Microsoft responded to the news with a tweet seemingly directed at PlayStation. The Sony console does not allow cross-platform play, where Xbox owners, Switch owners, and PC gamers will all be able to play Fortnite together.

This story is still developing.

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