Fortnite For Switch Gets A Career Tab At Last... But It Doesn't Work Yet

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Well, that’s a backhanded holiday gift for Fortnite’s Nintendo Switch players. You’ve finally got the Career tab you asked for, but it’s… well, it doesn’t darn well work yet.

Fortnite, of course, is a game that needs no introduction. It wasn’t the first title to bring us battle royale gameplay, but it’s certainly the one that popularised the whole genre. Every franchise worth its salt, from Call of Duty to Counter-Strike and Red Dead is getting in on the battle royale action now.

Fortnite itself is still king of the hill in that regard, though, continuing to be hugely popular around the world. As such, it’s found itself ported to just about every system known to humankind. There are probably futuristic refrigerators in Japan that run this baby.

Nintendo Switch’s repertoire has been growing exponentially of late; it’s become a lot of gamers’ favourite place to play multiplatform games. Granted, technical compromises often have to be made when games are ported to the Switch, but the system also has an ace up its sleeve to counterbalance that: portability.

Proper portable Fortnite was a real revelation, when the hit title arrived on the system during this year’s E3 event. Performance issues aside, it was another fantastic addition to the line-up. Fantastically popular, too: As we reported in November, almost half of all Switch owners worldwide had downloaded the game to their console!

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Fortnite Switch Career
Via: Wired

Fortnite for Switch isn’t the optimal way to play the game, though, handheld convenience notwithstanding. That’s a given, really, in terms of tech specs and performance. For dedicated Fortnite players, also, there’s a crucial feature that the Switch version was sadly lacking: the Careers tab.

Tracking your lifetime stats is an important feature in any shooter, and it looked as though Fortnite Switch players had finally got their wish when the game’s latest update for Switch added the tab. Curiously, though, it doesn’t seem to work yet. As Nintendo Life reports, the Career menu doesn’t display any stats yet. As of the time of writing, matches you’ve played since installing the update don’t contribute to it either. Perhaps the system was accidentally added early, before the team had time to actually get it up and running? There’s no telling just yet.

“Strangely,” the report concludes, “developer Epic Games hasn't posted anything about the tab coming to the Switch version, with no communication being shared either online or via a press release. Could this be a mistake, with the feature not set to launch just yet? Or is it simply having a little bit of trouble in these early stages?”

Some very good questions there.

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