Fortnite Has Made A Major Change To Team Rumble Without Any Warning, And Players Aren't Happy

Fortnite has made a massive, unannounced change to Team Rumble and like all of the game's adjustments, it has left a large chunk of its fans pretty angry.

The battle royale genre is dominating the video game landscape right now. Even games that seemingly tried to stand their ground and fight the tide have been dragged kicking and screaming into the new era. The trouble is that if you're not very good at a battle royale-based game, or are even mediocre, the cycle of landing, dying, and waiting can get pretty tedious very quickly.

For Fortnite players getting fed up of that cycle, Epic provided a solution: Team Rumble, which features two teams of 20 going head-to-head. However, here's the catch, you get more than one chance. In fact, you get as many chances as you like, to an extent. It is simply a case of the first team to reach 150 eliminations wins, and you will continue to respawn over and over again until that limit is reached.

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We say 150 eliminations, but Epic recently decided to change that with no warning to players whatsoever. Last week, Fortnite tweeted "The elimination goal in Team Rumble has been decreased from 150 to 100 to shorten match length." Team Rumble matches tended to go on a little longer than regular battle royale rounds, but that is sort of the point.

As always, Fortnite fans haven't taken kindly to this sudden change. Many players use Team Rumble to help them quickly reach elimination goals. With 50 fewer eliminations up for grabs per round, that will naturally now be a lot more difficult to accomplish. We're assuming that Epic made the change to stop players leaving rounds in droves. We have often been a part of Team Rumbles in which the numbers have dropped to less than half of those who started.

That's all well and good if that is the thinking behind the change, but there would have been better ways to go about it. We have always thought that like other games, players should be punished for leaving games early and thus ruining it for everyone else. Or, simply reward players for sticking with a round of Team Rumble until the bitter end. The last few minutes of the round are where the chaos really ensues, so why would you leave before that anyway?

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