Update: Fortnite’s New Single-Player Vehicle Looks Like Jurassic World Gyrosphere

Fortnite has finally introduced its newest single-player vehicle.

Last week, Epic Games announced that it was working on a new single-player vehicle in a Reddit AMA. Though not many details were given at the time, the latest in-game news feed has revealed more information about the vehicle.

It is called The Baller and, from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a cross between a gyrosphere from Jurassic World and a hamster ball. As we can see from its image, The Baller is a see-through orb with a single, red seat and interior handles.

via Epic Games

The Baller also appears to be equipped with a grappler-like item, which suggests that players might be able to use it to use it to swing between buildings and to quickly get to higher ground. Many fans are hopeful that this will mean that The Baller will have more mobility than other Fortnite vehicles. The Baller has an interesting and unique design, as we’ve never seen anything quite like it in Fortnite before.

The in-game description for the vehicle was very vague, stating only: “Round and Round We Go. Roll through the competition with the newest vehicle, The Baller!”

There is no confirmed official date for when the new vehicle will be released. However, Fortnite’s patch v8.10 is anticipated to go live on March 11, so many fans are hoping that The Baller will be introduced later this week and that they’ll be able to zoom around the island soon.

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Fortnite data miner lucas7yoshi previously discovered images of items that were labeled as hamster ball charing bases. These can now be found in-game. However, they have no specific function yet. So far, players have speculated that The Baller will have to sit on one of these stations in order to gain enough energy to move around.

The Baller will replace the Shopping Cart and X-4 Stormwing Plane, which were both vaulted after the Season 8 v8.00 update.

Since many fans have expressed discontent with Fortnite’s current vehicles, it will be interesting to see if The Baller holds up and becomes Fortnite’s best vehicle yet. Only time will tell.

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