Fortnite’s Time Is Over, Will Soon Be Replaced With New Battle Royale

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games ever, but it's only a matter of time before it's replaced by another battle royale game.

Remember a time when Fortnite wasn't at the forefront of not just gaming, but mainstream media as a whole? No, we don't remember either, which is what makes it even more surprising that Fortnite is only a little more than two years old. It has achieved world domination in that time, boasting more than 10 million concurrent players at last count. Celebrities are playing it, characters from other franchises are appearing it, so even if you don't like Fortnite, there really is no avoiding it.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Fortnite's dominance can't last forever though, trust us. Everything comes and goes, and Fortnite's take on the battle royale genre is just the latest example of that. Epic Games might continue to enjoy more traction and attention than most other trends, especially in gaming, but sooner or later, Fortnite's time will come.

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There are already signs indicating that the game is on its way to that dark day. Epic knows it too, hence the launch of Chapter 2 earlier this year. It seems as if it is going to take more than a complete overhaul of the game to save Fortnite from the inevitable, though. SuperData Research has revealed that players have been spending less and less on Fortnite as we have ventured deeper into 2019, and it seems as if the release of Chapter 2 hasn't done much to remedy that.

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The money spent by Fortnite players across all platforms this past September failed to break the $100 million barrier. That might sound like the ultimate rich person problem, but in Fortnite terms, it's not good. In 2018, Fortnite averaged more than $200 million in revenue per month across the whole year, so a month in which the game couldn't even generate half of that should be considered worrying.

Who Is Worthy Of Fortnite's Crown?

In terms of a new king or queen being crowned, that won't be happening just yet. Even with the lower numbers that Fortnite is currently generating, its players are still far more likely to spend money on in-game items than other titles. For example, 8% of Fortnite players purchased items in-game last month compared to just 2% in games such as Destiny 2 and NBA 2K20.

One of the main reasons Fortnite is on the decline could be due to something it has done to itself: boost interest in the battle royale game genre. Not only has there been a boom in new battle royale games as Fortnite's popularity has grown, but even established franchises have added battle royale modes to their ranks, such as Call of Duty, for example. The way other titles do battle royale might appeal to players who have become sick of Fortnite. Yes, Fortnite is free and most other games are not, but if a game a player was going to buy anyway features a great battle royale mode, chances are high that the player will forever leave Fortnite behind.

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There's also a very real chance that Fortnite inadvertently saturating the battle royale market is leading to the genre fading away along with Fortnite. With a new generation of consoles now less than a year away, gaming could be on the cusp of the next new trend that leads to traditional fans and developers tearing their hair out, and we just can't see it yet. Either that, or Fortnite will be truly reborn on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. We're not sure how well that would go down with players on PC and mobile, though.

Source: SuperData Research

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