Fortnite Streamer Khanada Temporarily Banned From Twitch For Playing With Banned Player Zayn

Khanada has received a three-day Twitch ban for allowing fellow streamer Zayn, who is banned from the platform, to appear during his Fortnite stream.

Streamer Khanada has received a three-day Twitch ban for allowing fellow streamer Zayn, who is banned from the platform, to appear during his Fortnite stream.

The streaming world has managed to accumulate a massive amount of attention. Some streamers are naturally more famous and have a higher subscriber account than others. There are a couple of ways in which streamers have achieved those high numbers. Either by being very good at the games they play and stream, or by being controversial.

It seems as if most take the latter route, and also feels like a day doesn't go by without more streamer drama hitting our timelines. Just last week, FaZe clan member Jarvis received a lifetime Fortnite ban from Epic for hacking in Solos and Creative Mode. Since then, members of the streaming community have rallied around in an attempt to get the ban rescinded.

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Twitch also doesn't mess around when it comes to bans. Fortnite streamer Khanda revealed on Twitter this past Friday that he has received a ban from the platform. He's only banned for three days but still, that likely means Khanda had a pretty boring weekend. The streamer is of the belief that the ban was unwarranted as he "had Zayn muted." Let us explain.

Zayn is another streamer who has a much more lengthy ban from Twitch. That's due to the fact he created another account and continued to stream after his initial ban. Khanada allowed Zayn to play Fortnite alongside him during one of his own live streams on Twitch, which is allowed, but not if the banned party isn't muted. Despite Khanada's claim in his tweet, Zayn wasn't muted, at least not for the entirety of the stream.

Apparently, viewers of the stream were commenting on it in real-time trying to tell Khanada that he was at risk of being banned due to Zayn not being muted. Eventually, Khanda took notice and muted his Duos partner. However, in Twitch's eyes, it seems as if it was too little, too late.

By the time you read this, Khanada's ban might well be over, and it will probably be a while before you see him team up with Zayn again.

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