Epic Will Compensate Players Who Participated In Fortnite’s Glitchy Unvaulting Event

Epic Games has announced through its official Fortnite Twitter account that all players who attempted to participate in the Unvaulting event will be receiving a reward due to technical issues that occurred following the end of the countdown in-game.

Those who entered the event were presented with the ability to vote by striking one of six pillars with a corresponding item to unvault it. When the vote ended and players had decided to bring back the Drum Gun, they were sent back onto the map to witness the volcano erupt. From there, the long-awaited destruction of Tilted Towers and a part of Retail Row occurred in all its splendor. However, some technical issues prevented some players from seeing any of the event. Those who experienced problems saw the countdown timer reach zero, and then, nothing happened.

Players then began asking if there was any plan to replay the event, given that it had been hyped for so long. However, Epic affirmed that no, that was not an option at this point.

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Technical problems are nothing new to Fortnite, and as usual, Epic quickly detailed how it would be compensating players. Those who attempted to join the Unvaulting playlist will be granted the Arcana Glider, while those who had already purchased it would have their V-Bucks refunded. This follows the consistent trend to attempt to make right any inconvenience to the players, both in Battle Royal mode and also in Save the World. While the technical problems were unfortunate, it is good to see that the response from Epic was quick.

No official numbers have been released by Epic about how many players missed out on the event due to technical issues. Forums online seem to point to a handful of individuals who missed out, and a few who could not enter a game despite their efforts, which might have been due to the same technical issues. For them, the discussion revolves around whether the gift of a glider is appropriate compensation for missing a one-time event, especially since the destruction of Tilted Towers is something that was so long-awaited.

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