Fortnite Update Is Live On The Switch (But It Still Hasn't Been Officially Announced)

The Nintendo Switch eShop just got a Fortnite update despite the fact the game still hasn’t even been officially announced.

It’s starting to look more and more like Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is going to be a thing. First, there was the leak of Nintendo’s E3 booth layout that seemed to come from 4Chan’s games forum. Right at the top is the unmistakable name of Fortnite.

There’s also a bunch of other unannounced games, including Dragon Ball FighterZ, Killer Queen Black, Paladins, and Overcooked 2. Those are all well and good, but we’re less concerned with how awesome a fighter like DB FighterZ will be and more interested in how awesome a shooter like Fortnite will be.

Yes, Paladins is also a shooter, but they’re an Overwatch clone that just happened to get to the Switch before Overwatch could.

Our next piece of evidence comes all the way from Korea, where the Korean Ratings Board has once again spoiled a game by giving it a rating before it’s even been announced. Fortnite for the Switch. Such a lovely pairing.

And now we have even more evidence. One eagle-eyed Twitter user has found a Fortnite update already on the Nintendo eShop even though the game hasn’t even been announced yet!

Those day-one patches are getting earlier and earlier it seems.


Our amazing Twitter user also found an image file that seems to be the exact same dimensions necessary for a Switch icon.

Convinced yet?

It seems almost certain that Nintendo is going to both announce--and possibly even launch--Fortnite for the Switch at E3. At this point, the cat is so far out of the bag that it’s found another bag and also launched itself out of that one too. Into outer space.

The weirdest part about all these online games coming to the Switch is that Nintendo hasn’t even officially launched their online platform. They’re going to starting in September, but the plan now seems to load up on multiplayer games to make forcing people to actually pay for multiplayer more of a requirement. It’s an ingenious bit of marketing.

Stay tuned for more as we head into E3.


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