Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Extended Until February To Prepare For Holiday-Themed Updates

Epic Games has extended Fortnite's current season to allow more time to prepare for the game's holiday event.

This morning, Epic Games announced that it would be extending Fortnite Chapter 2's first season until February in order to prepare the game's holiday event. Fortnite's 2019 holiday event is supposedly bigger than those of the past, promising new features, exclusive rewards, and a massive in-game event.

This means that Chapter 2 Season 1 will likely be Fortnite's longest season yet. The majority of the previous seasons had only lasted around two months, with some exceptions. The news may be concerning to players as the game's previous season (Season X) lasted almost three months. Much of the community felt that it had carried on for far too long.

Epic is hoping that the upcoming holiday update will keep players entertained enough to warrant an extended waiting period. Chapter 2 Season 1 has already held a Halloween event -Fortnightmares- that brought a ton of new Halloween-themed items into the game. Hopefully, the combination of two holiday events will keep things fresh long enough until Chapter 2 Season 2.

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Chapter 2 launched towards the end of October and brought a new sense of energy into Fortnite. With a new map, updated graphics, and new mechanics (such as fishing and swimming), the revamped chapter breathed new life into a game that felt bogged down by the far-too-long Season X.

That being said, Chapter 2's honeymoon phase is over and although the new map is great, players have already begun itching for new content. Epic is continually updating the game, but it has peculiarly stopped releasing patch notes with those updates. It seems like the updates are either insignificant or information is being purposely held back.

A large issue that players have found with Fortnite's new chapter is its lack of mobility. Although the new boat vehicles are a great addition, they're currently the only means of travel in the game. Given that the new map is bigger than the previous one, walking from point A to point B can take half of a match at times. Players feel as if they're forced to use boats if they want to move any faster.

Fortnite's holiday event sounds like it will be a great one. Considering Epic's track record of putting out great season content and in-game events, it should be.

Source: Epic Games

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