Fortnite: Where To Find The “I”

A new week on Fortnite means a new letter to find. Since this is the sixth week of Chapter 2's first season, the letter I is hidden on the map.

A new week on Fortnite means a new letter to find. Since this is the sixth week of Chapter 2's first season, the letter I is the one hidden somewhere on the map.

It's hard to believe, but it is already the sixth week of Fortnite Chapter 2's first season. The old map and everything that came with it already feels like a distant memory at this point. With each passing week of this new Chapter and Season, players have been tasked with seeking out the next hidden letter. Since this is week six, the letter players need to find is I.

That's right, as players who have been collecting the letters up until this point will know, the letters are spelling out Fortnite. Those players will also know the characters are not easy to come by. Fear not as we are here to help. First of all, players need to have purchased a Battle Pass in order to start their quest for the letter I, and any of the other letters for that matter.

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With each week comes a fresh set of weekly challenges, and players will need to complete eight of them before the hunt for the I can begin. Fair warning, if you haven't completed at least eight challenges, the I will not reveal itself to you. Don't bother going to its hiding spot before then as it simply will not be there.

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After completing eight challenges, players will unlock a new loading screen. The letter I is hidden somewhere in there, you can check it out above. This is often the hardest part to figure out. Both finding the letter and figuring out where on the map the location is. Once again, we've got you covered. The barn in which some of your favorite Fortnite characters are hiding is Frenzy Farms.

If you look very closely at the top floor of the barn on the loading screen, players will see a very well hidden I. It's behind the railing on the top floor. It's teal-colored and in the middle of the top third of the screen if you are still having trouble. If all else fails, head to the Frenzy Farms barn once you have completed eight weekly challenges and turn the whole place upside down. We're sure you'll find it.

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