How To Qualify For This Summer's Fortnite World Cup - And How Much Is Up For Grabs

Fortnite's long-awaited World Cup will take place this summer. Here's how you can qualify and what you might win if you do.

In 2018, Fortnite introduced a lot of new things. One of those things was the chance for players to actually win money playing their favorite game. Epic announced that it would be making $100 million available across its planned competitions, and some of those have already taken place. However, the best is yet to come in the form of Fortnite's first-ever World Cup.

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The tournament has been promised ever since the massive prize pool was first announced, and we don't have to wait much longer for the festivities begin. Even though the finals of the World Cup will not take place until July, qualifiers for the tournament will begin on April 13th, and will run all the way through June 16th.

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Any and all players can try to qualify for the World Cup during this time, and you don't necessarily need to make it to the tournament to win money. Polygon reports that there will be $1 million a week up for grabs during the qualifying period. All of the top performers during that 10 week period will advance to the finals, which will take place from July 26th to July 28th in New York City.

There are a fair few spaces up for grabs in the finals too. 100 solo and 50 duos spots, to be exact. If you are one of the elite that manages to make it that far, your mere presence will bank you even more prize money. Every single player that qualifies for the New York finals will be leaving with at least $50,000 of the prize pool. If you can make it to the very end of the solo side of the tournament, the last player left standing will win a cool $3 million.

If you miss out on qualifying or simply can't get enough of the hype that will surround Fortnite's first-ever World Cup, we have even more good news for you. After the finals come to a close, the chance to win more of Fortnite's prize pool will not have completely passed. The weekly tournaments will continue over the summer with $1 million up for grabs each week. If you are really good at Fortnite, 2019 could be a pretty profitable year for you.

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