Fortnite's Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament Lost 72% Of Twitch Viewership Compared To Last Year

It might not feel as if Fortnite is going away anytime soon, but the sharp decline in viewership for this year's Pro-Am stream would beg to differ.

Fortnite has reached levels of popularity that no one could have ever imagined when it was first released. At last count, the game had more than 10 million concurrent players, a staggering figure. However, there are hints that Fortnite's popularity might be dwindling in spite of these numbers. The other battle royale titles are coming for its crown.

Truth be told, no battle royale game is going to overthrow Fortnite all by itself. However, the likes of Apex Legends have chipped away at Epic's offering. Despite collaborations with Marvel and Netflix, Fortnite's popularity is not what it was at this time 12 months ago. That was on show for all to see via the Pro-Am tournament this past weekend at Fortnite's Summer Block Party.

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Popular streamers teamed with celebrities for the tournament that raises money for charity. It also kept the E3 feeling going after the conference came to an end for another year. As reported by GitHyp, Epic had been hoping the tournament would spike its Twitch viewership, which has been gradually dropping over the past 12 months. Sadly, that did not happen.

via GitHyp

Viewership peaked at 427,000 viewers on Twitch as the tournament reached its conclusion on Sunday. That number all by itself probably seems pretty impressive. However, it most definitely isn't when compared to last year's figure. The stream peaked at a massive 1.5 million viewers this time last year. That's a drop of 72% and is in keeping with the past few months for Fortnite on Twitch.

Epic might well attribute to poor viewership to Ninja's poor showing in the tournament. The streamer and his celebrity partner, Marshawn Lynch, only managed a lowly 19th place. Last year, Ninja teamed up with Marshmello and won the Pro-Am tournament. If Ninja's showing does have something to do with fans not tuning in, that doesn't bode well for the first ever Fortnite World Cup. The streamer is yet to qualify and his last chance to do so will be this weekend.

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