Fortnite's Escaped Monster Has Been Spotted Circling The Island With Polar Peak On Its Back

The monster that escaped from Polar Peak has been spotted circling Fortnite Island.

Fortnite has been collaborating with a number of different mainstream partners this season. It was something the game had done sporadically in the past, but it has really upped its game for season nine. It started with Marvel, moved on to John Wick, and even teamed up with Michael Jordan.

One of the most recent discoveries by players has got us thinking that a Godzilla event will imminently arrive on Fortnite Island. It started when players discovered a monster was trapped in the ice beneath Polar Peak following the v9.10 update. The only part of the monster we could see was the eye, and it would track the movement of whichever player was closest to it.

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Late last week, the monster escaped, and it took Polar Peak along with it. The giant lizard left nothing but footprints in its wake and reduced the castle atop Polar Peak to rubble in the process. However, a recent discovery has revealed that the castle is still very much intact. The trouble is, it is far from its original resting place. It is currently on the monster's head or back as the behemoth swims in the sea surrounding the island.

As you can see from the footage above, the monster appears to be swimming off the coast of Fortnite Island. Although the monster isn't visible, it's probably safe to assume that the beast is beneath the broken off ice and Polar Peak castle. No need to be afraid for now, as it is still pretty far out to sea. However, we imagine it will be making its way in sometime soon, perhaps later this week.

We love how Fortnite teases things in this way. Epic can rely on the attention to detail from certain players to see the swimming monster and share it with the world. Now, we can wildly speculate on what's next. Perhaps we will see the monster in all its glory for the first time when Fortnite's upcoming Beach Assault LTM rolls out sometime soon. Since the monster is in the sea, it makes sense that the next place it'll show up is on the beach.

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