Forza Horizon 4 Files Downloaded Months Early, Game Details Leaked

PC gamers could download the files for Forza Horizon 4 early, though they couldn't play the game. Some details have emerged.

Well, this has let a whole range of fancy, realistic Gran Turismo-style cars out of the bag. Forza Horizon 4 has accidentally dropped a huge leak. Let’s take a look.

The wider Forza franchise is one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives for racing fans. If the likes of Gears of War and Halo aren’t your style, then maybe a bit of realistic racing sim action is. As a sim, there’s no madcap power-ups or cutesy cartoon characters with ‘hilarious’ soundbites here. This is the FIFA Soccer to Nintendo’s Mario Strikers, if you will.

As such, it’s an entirely different sort of experience. It’s for fans of world-famous cars and tracks to enjoy as authentic and realistic an experience as possible. About enjoying the fact that your dream car made the roster and cruising it around all manner of tracks and terrains.

So, the question is: how expansive will the roster of the upcoming Forza Horizon 4 be? How big and ambitious a title? We’re getting an early picture of that, thanks to an unfortunate leak that blew the game’s files wide open.

Via: Hot Hardware

As Eurogamer reports, the game is due to release on October 2nd, but some players have found that they were already able to download the PC version. Not play it, you understand, but the files are there and visible. Only barely, and not sharable through the Windows Store’s encryption, but they are.

Redditor daten-shi acknowledged that they were unable to do anything at all with said files, not even copy and upload them via Linux, so there’s really nothing doing there. Nevertheless, this error has given us some insight into the game. If you’re not averse to Forza Horizon 4 vehicle spoilers, you can check out a list of cars that are confirmed to be in the game so far through the files. Over 450 of them, in fact.

There’s no official word on how this happened, but the devs have apologized and assured fans that the game will download automatically on release. So everything ends well for everyone, except those who thought they’d get to play the game over four months early.

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