French Man Gets 4 Months In Prison After Placing Fruit Price Sticker On A PS4 And Using Self-Checkout

A man in France tried to pass off a PlayStation 4 as if it were fruit and managed to make a nice profit out of it.

A man in France tried to pass off a PlayStation 4 as if it were fruit and managed to make a nice profit out of it. It wasn't until he tried to do the same thing a second time that he was caught.

The L'Est Républicain website in France is reporting that a nineteen-year-old man identified as Adel put a fruit sticker on a PlayStation 4 and used the self-checkout lane in order to bring a console worth three-hundred and forty Euros down nine Euros, which he then sold for one hundred Euros in order to pay for a train ticket.

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Adel tried the same trick a second time but was caught in the act and was arrested. He didn't show up for his court appearance, which led to him receiving a four-month suspended sentence, which seems like a slap on the wrist compared to the severity of the crime.

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It seems that Adel's crime succeeded because he was able to correctly guess the weight of the PlayStation 4 console in its box, as most self-checkout machines won't let you move to the payment stage if the weight of the items on the scale doesn't match the barcodes that have been scanned.

They say the only difference between genius and madness is success, and Adel was certainly successful with his crime. It was only due to his greed that he managed to be caught on the second try.

You have to wonder if other people will attempt to cheat the self-checkout machine using this trick in the future, as it seems that the most vital part of the plan is choosing a store with a staff that doesn't regularly patrol the self-checkout lane and make sure that it's one that you don't frequent on a regular basis.

The trick would also be more likely to succeed if you chose a smaller electronic item, as a PlayStation 4 console in its box would attract more attention than a boxed mobile phone or handheld console.

Adel might have made for a successful computer thief if he had been more careful, but a four-month prison sentence so tame that it might inspire a crime wave involving fruit stickers all across France.

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