Free To Play Pokémon Game Announced - And RELEASED - For Switch And Smartphones

Game Freak held a secret press conference in Japan that outlined the next few titles in the Pokémon series to release in 2018. These announcements were made on the official Pokémon Twitter page.

The first game that was announced was Pokémon Quest, which is an upcoming freemium, aka free to play (but pricey to upgrade), game for the Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

Pokémon Quest is a an action/puzzle game that is set on the mysterious Tumblecube Island. The game stars all of the original Kanto Pokémon, who have been transformed into cubes.

The player will be able to take a team of three Pokémon out on their adventures across Tumeblecube Island, where they will do battle with wild Pokémon and search for hidden treasure. Your Pokémon will automatically engage groups of wild Pokémon, though you are able to select their moves in battle. It's also possible to have all of your Pokémon act automatically in battle, which means that the game can essentially play itself.

You can earn special stones in battle that you can use to power up your Pokémon. As each Pokémon levels up, it unlocks new slots that can be equipped with items. You can also earn decorations for your base camp and Pokémon.

Pokémon Quest has a similar aesthetic to the Minecraft series, though this is just a design choice and doesn't reflect the gameplay.

Like other freemium games, Pokémon Quest tries to test the player's patience in order to convince them to spend money. The game is described as being "free to start" which means that the player will inevitably reach the point where they have to start spending money in other to progress at an acceptable rate.

The currency of the game is PM Tickets, which stands for Pokémart Tickets, of which you are given a few for free each day. You can use these to quickly recharge the battery of your Pokémon team, which is necessary for taking on more stages.

The Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon Quest is available to download now. The smartphone version of the game is due to be released in June.

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