My Friend Pedro Sells Big In First Week Of Release

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is posting big sales numbers after its first week on Switch and Windows PC.

Some of you might remember an old Flash game, during the days of Flash games, on Adult Swim called MFP: My Friend Pedro. It involved a typical cardboard cutout-like character performing neat flips and trick shots like he was the main character in a John Woo action film and was a great way to waste some time at work.

Anyway, flash forward five years and the same guy who made that original Flash game has released a real version of it using the Unity engine on PC and the Nintendo Switch. The name has been shortened to simply My Friend Pedro and it still has the same general concept of performing impressive gun tricks in a platforming environment, but the graphics are significantly improved and the gameplay has gone from chunky Flash animation to something a little more slick.

In fact, My Friend Pedro is very slick. Combine The Matrix with Max Payne and a psychotic magic banana and you’ve got My Friend Pedro in a nutshell.

The game released on June 20th, and in its first week of sales has already racked up 250,000 units sold according to a tweet from publisher Devolver Digital. That’s pretty good for an indie title, and that number will only climb as we head into the tail end of the Steam Summer Sale.

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In honor of My Friend Pedro’s success, Devolver sat down with DeadToast Entertainment’s Victor Agren to get the whole story on where the game came from. Argen doesn’t have a title because he primarily comprises DeadToast. He made the whole game in his home office in Malmo, Sweden after working at Media Molecule on such Sony titles as Little Big Planet and Tearaway.

You can learn more about My Friend Pedro’s origin story and Agren’s strange obsession with nunchucks in the “Behind the Schemes” video above. Furthermore, you can get My Friend Pedro on the Steam Summer Sale on now, but only until July 9th.

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