Friends: 25 Things About Joey That Made No Sense (And Fans Didn’t Care)

Joey was a charming and child-like friend, but there are moments where he just didn’t make much sense.

Joey was by far my favorite friend. Always looking to play games or have fun and giggling at cheesy innuendos into his thirties, he always seemed to be the adult we all wanted to be. He ate whatever he wanted, he lived in central New York without having to pay much rent, and he lived an exciting romantic life. On reflection, some of his actions seem a little questionable, especially when it came to his treatment of women! But who wouldn’t want to eat pizza every day and spend all your time playing pool with your best buddy? Then go on to become a soap opera star!

But, as with all the friends, over the course of ten years, things start to get a little confusing. Small details here are there get lost and sometimes one joke or story, that seems funny at the time, calls into question something that happened earlier on. It’s understandable that small details might sometimes be forgotten about; after all, Joey doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on half the time himself! But since the fans of Friends are so picky and obsessive, especially since the series is so easy to re-watch, these little details get picked up on. It may seem pedantic, but it’s the sign of a good show and a popular one that fans just don’t want to let it go, no matter how much time passes.

So here are some Joey moments from the popular TV series that just don’t add up. But it’s okay, we’ll forgive Joey for being so lovable!

25 The One Where He Moves In Anyway

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In the season three episode of Friends, The One With the Flashback, we learn that Joey wasn’t actually the first choice for Chandler’s roommate. Chandler interviewed Joey and one other candidate for the spare room in his apartment, eventually choosing Eric. He turns up at the apartment, ready to move in, but is told by Heckles that he is Chandler’s new roommate.

Here’s the thing though: why didn’t Chandler just call Eric?

He says that Chandler told him over the phone that he could be his roommate. Why didn’t Chandler call him back? Sure, the number might not have worked, but there must have been another way to keep in touch. Why didn’t Eric just call Chandler?

24 The One With Joey’s Sisters

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Joey comes from a large family. That’s established pretty early on. He is the only boy in a family with lots of sisters! But how many sisters does he have exactly? Joey has seven canonical sisters: Gina, Tina, Dina, Mary-Therese, Mary-Angela, Veronica, and Cookie.

However, before we meet Joey’s sisters in The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, Joey mentions that his mother gave birth seven times when she’s actually had eight children. Because of this, fans have questioned if one of the children is actually adopted. However, It’s revealed by Joey that his mother gave birth to each child nine months apart and that she would appear in a medical journal. So, what exactly happened in this family?

23 The One With The Different Sisters

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With Joey having so many different sisters, it’s hard to keep track of what they actually look like. We meet all of Joey’s sisters in The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister. After this, we only ever see three of Joey’s sisters: his youngest sister Dina in “The One With Monica's Boots,” his older sister Gina as a regular in Joey, and Mary-Theresa in an episode of Joey.

However, the actresses that reprise these roles look nothing like the actresses that play them early on in the season, particularly Gina who is played by K.J. Steinberg in Friends and Drea de Matteo in Joey. Joey isn’t the brightest bulb, but you’d think he’d notice his sisters changing bodies.

22 The One Where He Eats!

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Joey had the metabolism that we always dream of. He finishes a whole turkey one Thanksgiving, devours six dinners and a birthday cake, drinks every day, and two pizzas are known as the “Joey special.” Don’t leave your deserts unattended when hanging out with Joey; they probably won’t be there when you get back! Joey has very childlike cravings and eats what he wants when he wants.

But after he eats all that he eats, how come he always stays so trim and buff?

In The One With the Truth About London, we see an alternative timeline where Monica is married to Joey; here, Joey is comically overweight! Even though this isn’t canonical, it shows that Joey has the ability to gain weight. So why doesn’t he in the canon timeline? How much was Monica feeding him?

21 The One Where He Doesn’t Recognize Eddie/Jimmy

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Eddie was Chandler’s crazy replacement for Joey in season two. Chandler soon realizes how unstable Eddie is, coming up with false memories of adventures the two had and forgetting Chandler telling him to move out. Eventually, Chandler tricks Eddie into thinking that he never lived in the apartment, showing Joey and saying that Joey had always lived there.

Granted, Joey only sees Eddie for a second, but his resemblance to his childhood friend Jimmy goes unnoticed. In Joey, Adam Goldberg joins the cast as Joey’s High School friend Jimmy, despite playing the earlier role of Eddie. Did Joey not think this something worth mentioning?

20 The One With His Love Life

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It’s made repeatedly clear over the shows run that Joey is not a one-woman man! His girlfriends rarely appear in more than one episode and he admits that he never intends to call women back after spending time with them. Despite this being incredibly jerk-like behavior, the friends just seem to accept this his womanizing ways.

This is in great contrast to Monica who is shamed for getting close to guys quickly.

During a test screening of the first episode, when Monica spends time with Paul after their first date, audiences were asked if they judged Monica. Later in season two when discussing her love life with Richard, it’s implied that Richard would have a problem with Monica seeing too many guys. Joey’s love life, however, is never questioned or seen as a problem.

19 The One Where He Doesn’t Learn Anything

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Kate was Joey’s first notable love interest, who he met when they appeared in a play together in season three. Joey falls for Kate quickly, but she is seeing someone else. Later, the two spend time together, but Kate brushes it off and says it was a one-time thing.

Joey is devastated by this, even more so when he realizes that this is how he treats most of the women he goes out with. He then starts to call all of the women he never called back to apologize for his behavior. Yet after Kate disappears from the picture, Joey goes straight back to his old ways!

For some reason, he forgets how he felt after Kates rejection and learned literally nothing!

18 The One With His Stains

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As we’ve already established, Joey likes food! So, he was probably the best friend to get completely covered in it during the season ten thanksgiving episode The One With the Late Thanksgiving.

After all four of their friends turn up late to Thanksgiving, Monica and Chandler lock the door and refuse to let them in. Mischief takes place and Joey ends up with his head stuck in the door. When he gets free he goes flying and crashes in a table, covering himself with food.

Yet a moment later the stains on his shirt has significantly reduced! I know he isn’t above picking food off his clothes, but that was some fast picking!

17 The One When He Sometimes Shares Food

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Did I mention that Joey likes food?

In The One With the Birth Mother, the classic quotable line “Joey doesn’t share food” comes up for the first time after Joey refuses to go on a second date with Phoebe’s friend when she has the nerve to take a few fries off his plate.

Look, some people just don’t like people taking food off their plate and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what is worrying is Joey’s inconsistencies with sharing food. He is seen sharing food several times in the series, such as agreeing to give Phoebe a bite of his muffin and sharing a lasagna with Chandler.

So, what exactly is his deal with sharing food?

16 The One Where He “Just Kissed” Janine

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This is something that has bothered me for years! In season six, Joey sets his sights on gorgeous Australian dancer Janine, played by Elle Macpherson, who takes the role of Joey’s roommate after Chandler moves out. Despite saying that she didn’t feel the same way about Joey, the two eventually get together in The One With the Routine.

The two share a kiss after coming home from the party.

The next episode starts with Joey running into Monica’s apartment to tell his friends about it, saying that he literally just kissed Janine. But he’s wearing completely different clothes! Did he kiss her, change clothes, and then run across the hall to tell his friends?

15 The One Where He Doesn’t Get Fired

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One of Joey’s acting successes comes in season seven when he is cast in a WWI epic, alongside fictional well-known actor Richard Crosby, played by Gary Oldman. The filming conflicts with Monica and Chandler’s wedding, leading to Joey, who was officiating, arriving late.

However, Joey doesn’t actually finish his scenes with Richard, due to the actor being… well, gone. Eventually, Joey loses his patience and carries Richard out over his shoulder.

Trouble is, this is surely a fireable offense. He was told repeatedly he couldn’t leave until they finished and there would certainly be insurance issues with him carrying a famous actor out like that (which someone definitely would have seen)!

14 The One Where Jessica Became Drake

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Dr. Drake Ramoray was Joey Tribbiani’s most notable role as an actor. Drake is Joey’s big break into show business and he is absolutely devastated when he is fired from the show in season two. Later in the show, Joey reprises his role as Drake after his character receives a brain transplant from another character Jessica Lockhart, played by Susan Sarandon.

When Drake first appears with Jessica’s brain, he adopts her mannerisms and thinks he’s Jessica. Later, Joey refers to his character as “a woman in a man’s body.” Yet when we see Drake again in the show, he knows that he is called Drake and seems to have his memories.

So, when did Drake stop being Jessica? How did he stop being Jessica? How!

13 The One Where Joey (Isn’t) The Youngest

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If there is one thing we know about this show, it’s that we’ll never know how old the friends on Friends were. Joey’s age certainly isn’t the most questionable in the series, but over the ten-year run, it fails to remain consistent. At the beginning of the series, it was thought that Joey was the youngest, revealed to be twenty-five the episode before Rachel’s twenty-sixth birthday.

Later in season seven, in The One Where They All Turn Thirty, Rachel celebrates her thirtieth birthday last, implying that she is the youngest friend.

Joey certainly doesn’t take his thirtieth birthday well, so it’s unlikely that he’d want to celebrate it earlier than planned.

12 The One With His Joey’s Apple

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Early on in the series, the show admittedly did make a few unsavory jokes. In season two, Joey is ridiculed by his friends when he mentions that he broke up with a girl, despite her being a great kisser because she had a huge Adam's apple.

To clear up a misconception, cisgender women can have Adam's apples and are often insecure about them due to people wrongly believing that only guys have them. But that’s not the issue here. Despite Joey knowing the concept of Adams apples in The One Where Heckles Dies, later in The One Where They All Turn Thirty, he seems to think they are named after an individual, complaining that his bowtie hurts his Joey’s apple.

11 The One Where He Is Kind Of In Love

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One of the most emotional storylines in the show is when Joey develops feelings for Rachel, while she is pregnant with Ross’ baby.

After this storyline, Joey claims that he had only ever been in love once, with Rachel. But it throws an interesting light on all of Joey’s previous girlfriends!

Before the series started, Joey had been in a relationship with a woman named Angela, who we see once in the show's run, for three years. That’s a long time to be in a relationship with no love. His obsession and feelings for Kate in season three seem incredibly intense, arguably stronger than his feelings for Rachel, but he still didn’t think this was love?

10 The One Without The Chick Or The Duck

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In true sitcom style, Joey and Chandler’s feathery friends disappear from the series with no reason or explanation for where they went. They are last seen in season six and are mentioned in season seven, but not seen. No trace of them, however, can be seen in the last three seasons.

In the final episodes, it’s revealed that both pets passed on, but the friends told Joey they had gone to live on a farm to spare his feelings.

But this isn’t enough for me! Firstly, how did they pass? It’s believed the cause was old age, but the duck was much older than the chick being fully grown when introduced! Besides, how would they both pass at the same time and manage to be hidden from Joey?

9 The One With The Questionable Actions

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In The One With the Flashback, Janice asks which of the friends have almost dated each other. We learn that, upon their first meeting, Joey mistook an invitation to “come in for lemonade” as something more and peels in front of her.

Monica is irritatingly understanding about this. A more appropriate response would be kicking him out of her apartment and begging Chandler to find a new roommate. I’ve never understood how they managed to become friends after that. If it is just because she’s understanding and forgiving, then why didn’t they go out after that? If they still found each other cute? I just don’t buy the whole thing.

8 The One With The Questionable Friends

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Joey may have acted like a pig when first meeting Monica, but that doesn’t mean his friends have always been there for him! In season five during The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey, (I’m sure you know where I’m going with this) Joey confesses to being afraid of his new girlfriend Katie, who repeatedly punches him in the arm whenever he says anything.

Even when he calls her out on it, Katie carries on punching him. His friends are jerks about this!

They literally laugh in his face! Their friend is scared and being hurt, but they just laugh in his face. Who stays friends with people like that?

7 The One With The Forgotten Baby Name

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You know, if you promise to name your first baby after your best friend, you should probably stand by your word!

In the later seasons of the show, Monica and Chandler try desperately to have a baby of their own, following Monica’s time using a calendar. During The One With the Blind Dates, the couple is babysitting Emma, yet slip away to try for a baby. After discovering what had happened, Joey bargained with them, saying that he won’t tell Rachel if they name their child “Joey.”

Yet when their twins are born at the end of the show's run, they are named Erica and Jack. I guess Joey was too courteous to call them out on it.

6 The One With The Acting Classes

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Joey certainly isn’t the most educated of the friends. He admits that he didn’t do too well in high school and that he didn’t go to college. It’s assumed that he finished high school, but we get more information about his romantic exploits than his education.

Later, when Molly (the nanny) asks where Joey studied acting, he tells her that “people don’t study acting.”

So, what was he doing with all that money Chandler gave him for his acting classes? Didn’t he meet Kathy at acting class?

Further evidence that he didn’t actually attend acting classes comes in The One With the Cooking Class when he doesn’t know the difference between upstage and downstage.

5 The One With His Fridge Door

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When you next sit down to binge-watch Friends, keep a close eye on Joey’s fridge door! Given how often Joey opens the thing, you’d think he’d remember which way the thing opens.

Over the course of the series, the side of which the door opens changes frequently.

There is no reason for this and I have no idea if anyone working on the set noticed or did this deliberately. A fan theory suggests that Chandler and Rachel kept changing the door in order to mess with Joey, only he never noticed! Why would he, the fridge has food in it!

4 The One Where He Needlessly Broke The Table

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The finale of Friends was filled with emotional moments. Monica and Chandler become parents, Rachel and Ross get together, and Joey and Chandler say their goodbyes to each other and their beloved foosball table. After Chick and Duck Jr. get stuck in the table, the friends have to break it open to free them. Except they don’t.

In The One With the Embryos, Monica and Rachel swap apartments with Chandler and Joey. When moving in, the guys take their table apart to carry it. If it comes apart, then there was no reason to break it!

Sorry Joe, sure you don’t want a new one?

3 The One With The Empty Room

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It doesn’t make a lot of sense that Chandler would pay for Joey right from the start to fill an empty room he can obviously afford to keep. However, it makes less sense for broke Joey to maintain the empty room!

After Chandler moves out, Joey lets his room out to Janine. When Janine breaks up with Joey she moves out, leaving Joey with an empty room. A room he keeps free for a long time, despite being broke.

Later the room is occupied by Rachel after her and Phoebe’s apartment burns down, but no explanation is given for Joey not finding a new roommate.

2 The One With The Days Of His Lives

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Fans of the show have wondered for a while now whether the Days of Our Lives featured in Friends is the Days of Our Lives soap opera that exists in our universe. Both shows were set in hospitals and broadcasts on NBC, so why wouldn’t Drake be from the show that we know? Plus, characters from the real show appear in the Friends version.

However, as we all know, Joey lives in New York. Days of Our Lives is filmed in LA! That’s one heck of a commute, Joey!

The show Friends was also filmed in LA, so perhaps this was just a confusing mistake made by the writers.

1 The One With All The Ladies

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Joey is good at picking up girls. He doesn’t always use savory tactics to do it and he doesn’t always treat them well, but he is a very charming man! Who can resist those three little words? That smile and “how you doin'?” could melt any of us in a nightclub.

But when you got back to Joey’s apartment, could you see yourself sticking around?

Joey’s apartment is often messy, he doesn’t use pillowcases (shown in The One With Rachel’s Book) and apparently has an odd smell. Not to mention everything in the fridge is always being expired. Sure, Joey might be the expert in getting women to come back with him, but I’m more interested to know how he got them to stay there!

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