Friends: 22 Times Monica And Ross Were Bad At Being Siblings

Friends was a show that made one appreciate the smaller things in life. It showed normal people in normal situations with a social circle that acted as the individual person’s crutch during trying times. The show related to the majority of the viewing public and became a runaway success. It was even about family, to a large degree, as each of the friends’ families were shown and their backstories explored.

Ross and Monica are example of a strong sibling relationship. For a brother and sister duo to remain ever so close all the way through their thirties is something to applaud. Friends showed the two as close in their older years compared to when they were children where the two had hated each other for getting on the other’s nerve. As they grew up, their relationship became stronger.

But a majority of Friends fans will attest that Ross and Monica’s relationship wasn’t the most appropriate, judging by what was shown to us. Upon first viewing, the viewer wouldn’t even consider the two to be brother and sister seeing how they interact. More than a few occasions we saw them being too close for comfort or regarding what should be eerie moments with apathy.

In case some of their creepy moments had slipped you by, here are 22 times Ross and Monica got way too close.

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22 Don't Kiss And Tell

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Seeing how close the two siblings are the revelation in this episode wasn’t all that of a surprise. Still doesn’t make it any less creepy! Through a series of flashbacks, Monica and Rachel are shown to be visiting Ross at his college. The two girls drink too much and it is said they pass out in Ross’s dorm room. Chandler, intending to get back at Ross for kissing his crush, makes out with Rachel beforehand.

Ross isn’t pleased as he thought he had kissed Rachel that night. However, Monica eerily realized Ross never kissed Rachel at all. Monica had passed out on Ross’s bed and Ross, thinking it was Rachel, had gotten his sister instead. The gross part is they both ended up enjoying it with Ross claiming, back when he thought it had been Rachel, it was 'amazing.' And Monica had deemed him her 'Mystery Midnight Kisser.' Oh, and this was Monica’s first kiss ever!

21 Legs For Days

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In some of the cases in this list Ross and Monica were unfortunate to be paired around one another and could be given a pass for those situations. Here Ross has no excuse to be inappropriate. Monica arrives at the coffee house in a skirt which shows off her legs. Her husband Chandler takes no notice but who does? Her brother!

Ross was left wide eyed in admiration for Monica’s tanned legs.

On this occasion Monica did catch how inappropriate it was for a brother to ogle at their sibling’s legs and looked uncomfortable. Chandler, though, did the proper thing and called Ross out for it, even mentioning their familial relationship to highlight how weird it was. Ross didn’t seem too concerned by it.

20 The Happy Days Game

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Being at a beach house covered in sand with no technology is bound to make a group of friends creative to pass the time. Joey came up with playing variations of normal board games by adding unclothing clauses to them. This ultimately came back to bite him in the rear as his friends made him take his clothes off altogether.

Monica wasn’t spared completely and we saw her leaving the game table in between with no trousers.

This sort of game is inappropriate to play among any group of friends, but Monica and Ross were indulging in an undressing game together! So Monica was without her trousers in front of her brother and he didn’t think that was gross at all. It’s a good thing the game was interrupted, or who knows how far they would’ve gotten.

19 Always Too Close

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All the friends were quite close as far as physicality was considered. You would find them in close proximity to one another, a mannerism which friends in real life don’t usually exhibit. For instance, Monica and Chandler were seen always buddying up on the same couch, but this could be attributed to an underlying attraction between the two from the start.

There’s no real explanation why Monica was seen sitting on Ross’s lap so many times.

In several shots of the group hanging out, you’d see the siblings in one another’s company casually conversing with the others while Monica sat pretty on her brother’s lap. This kind of behavior can’t be seen without grimacing a little, as the knowledge is clear in our heads they are related. They also had a habit of pecking each other’s cheeks more than what can be considered normal.

18 Should They Be Watching That?

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If there was ever any doubt of the level of closeness of the Friends characters, this episode would’ve stamped in hard that they were in fact way too close. In said episode, Chandler and Joey happen to accidentally switch over to a channel that offered adult material. The two pals couldn’t contain their glee over finding free content such as this and refused to turn it off. Soon, all the friends had to contend with watching it.

Later on, Monica comforts Ross over Emily’s departure to London. Ross is understandably sad and to raise his spirits Monica advises him to head over to the guys’ apartment to indulge in the censored material. Yes, they’re all adults, but which sister would want to watch stuff like that with their brother? A few moments later, Monica disgustingly even fantasizes Ross and Emily in the airplane cockpit.

17 The Princess Leia Debacle

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It’s been well established that woman talk. No secret is safe when a few girls are hanging out with one another. Thus, Ross’s decision to tell Rachel about his fantasy of having fun with her dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi came back to haunt him.

At first it seemed Rachel only shared this with Phoebe, which wasn’t so strange as she was just a friend who didn’t mention this to Ross either. Later in the episode we’d find out Monica knew as well when she took a shot at him by claiming she’d go cry about her sorrows in a galaxy far, far away. Although telling her about the fantasy was Rachel’s fault, Monica joking about it in the coffee house to Ross’s face was plain wrong.

16 The Argument

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The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies is one of the more controversial episodes of the series. Friends showcased a whole bunch of issues young, independent people went through in the city and instances such as the one portrayed in this episode might not be just part of fiction.

However, a case like this involving siblings won’t ever be part of the real word.

Monica and Rachel argue over who would get to use the lone contraceptive with their respective boyfriend. While that’s already sort of weird, it gets weirder still when considering Rachel’s boyfriend is Monica’s brother. To make matters worse, Ross was right there in the next room! To pass the time he indulged in a friendly chat with Monica’s boyfriend Richard.

15 Ross Can't Help Himself

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In Ross’s hilarious outburst, when he discovered Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship, we saw him peeking out his new apartment’s window in deep aghast as he saw the other two in an amorous exchange. This lead to Ross almost hurting Chandler in retaliation, but all was fine when Monica claimed the two were serious in their relationship.

Following that, it would appear Ross made a habit of glancing in his sister and her husband’s apartment when he confessed he would look in on what they were doing in the episode The One where Chandler gets Caught. Rachel even lampshades this by advising the couple to close their blinds at night to prevent Ross from snooping, much to his chagrin, as if his habit was nothing out of the ordinary.

14 The Dance Routine

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The One with the Routine will forever go down as one of the best episodes of Friends as it gave us ‘The Routine’ from Monica and Ross. It’s a highlight of the series, and is played in numerous reels showcasing the best the show has to offer. And for what it’s worth, the dance number of the duo is very entertaining to watch.

What’s a little awkward is having to see siblings holding each other in that manner.

The routine comprises of the two jumping around in one another’s arms, holding the other to position them in a different way, and the end had Monica leap into Ross’s embrace. All this isn’t something a brother and sister should be practicing. Imagine how weird it must have been for their relatives to watch when they performed it in their childhood.

13 The Football Game

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The One with all the Football is another one of Friends’ most famous episodes, as it broke conventional bottled jokes in favor of some physical comedy. Each of the show’s Thanksgiving themed episodes gave us some fact of the characters’ back story and this year’s had the rebirth of the 'Gellar Bowl,' a hostile family affair where Ross and Monica became extremely competitive.

They weren’t above dirty tactics either, with both teams digging to lowest depths to gain the victory. The meanest, and most inappropriate, of all had to be when Ross pulled down Monica’s trousers to distract her from retrieving the ball. Being competitive is one thing, but exposing your sister’s undergarments in public to win is a whole other ball park.

12 Monica, Ross, And Charlie

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There a few things couples do to keep the magic alive in their relationship. For Monica and Chandler it seems that involves eavesdropping on their friends going at it simultaneously. In the first episode from season 10, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe listen in on Rachel and Joey in one room and Ross and Charlie in the other about to indulge in activities. The oddest thing about this would be Monica manning the wall behind which Ross and Charlie were.

She never even thought it was gross to listen in on her brother until Chandler pointed it out.

Over the years Monica had been privy to a lot of Ross’s romantic exploits, but personally listening in on him while it was in progress really crosses some lines.

11 Brother Knows Best

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You know there aren’t any more bounds in a sibling relationship when a younger sister asks her older brother to help her pick out clothing that would be of interest to her husband. Just reading the previous line should send shivers down most peoples’ spines, but we actually got to see this happen in an episode.

Monica initially intended to hide this from Ross, but seeing as how close they were in general he wouldn’t let her conceal this from him. Unfazed, Monica told him of her intentions to select the most ravishing of clothing to attract Chandler, and Ross, noticeably taken aback, meekly suggested to her which one would be best. Even though we did see Ross bummed out, the fact he still had a preference wasn’t a good sign.

10 Monica Pretended To Be Ross's Fiancé

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From seasons 1 to 4, Monica wasn’t going through the best of times in her romantic life. All this was to change once she found love in the form of Chandler in London. Before that, Emily, Ross’s English fiancé, had her wedding dress picked out from a boutique in America. Monica offered to pick it up, let’s just overlook here how weird it is for a sister picking up her brother’s fiancé’s wedding gown. But let’s not forget she pretended to be Emily when the store clerk confused her to be the fiancé in question.

Monica then spent the whole episode in the wedding dress Emily was supposed wear when marrying Ross! Also during the episode we saw Ross thanking Monica for picking up the gown and planting a kiss eerily close to the lips, which she returned.

9 Doesn't Care If Ross Is There

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When Chandler and Monica had decided to try having a child, they initially went through a lot of efforts to conceive naturally. Sadly, in the end, it turned out both of them were barren, but before that revelation there had been several instances which hindered their conception attempts. Here, Ross was asked by Chandler to remain in proximity to prevent Monica from wanting to get close, as Chandler was nervous about the expenses a child would bring. The plan wouldn’t work out, though.

Undeterred by Ross’s presence, Monica exclaimed she would do it with Chandler even if Ross was there.

While this was most probably a bluff, Monica's brazenness with that claim should be an indication of how open the siblings are around one another. Good thing Ross took off and didn’t stick around to test that claim.

8 Sharing Extensive Dating Details

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The friends all shared their dating details with one another, asking them for advice. This is commonplace in most social circles although these friends did take it too far in many cases.

However, Ross and Monica discuss these things a bit too much when siblings really shouldn’t be talking about them.

For instance, Monica told Ross and the others about being close with Richard after having broken up beforehand and maintaining friendly relations. Ross then made a quip at the two’s casual relationship, calling them "[unclothed] friends." In the pilot episode, Monica openly relayed her happiness at getting close with Paul the Wine Guy and Ross was present then too. Ross would also share similar experiences such as when he was unable to get close with a woman who kept her house filthy, with Monica later visiting her to clean her apartment.

7 What Happened On October 20

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On occasion your family members are bound to know about your most important moments in life. It’s common for siblings to remember anniversaries of their brothers or sisters, but Monica remembered a whole different kind of anniversary here.

Ross was feeling down and out on October 20th which the guys couldn’t figure out why. Not even Chandler, his roommate in college, knew what happened on that day despite having seen Ross’s college love life firsthand. However, Monica instantly knew the date marked the anniversary Ross lost his card to Carol. It’s wildly inappropriate in the first place for her to know this at all, and even stranger how she kept this piece of information in her memory years later. Here’s an instance where a piece of family trivia is best left buried.

6 Monica's Creepy Imagination

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Girls take relationship stuff way more seriously boys. For men, it is not much to talk about with their buddies while women tend to go over every detail. Friends also concurred with this general sentiment by showing the fallout from Ross’s first kiss with Rachel in two parallels. The boys were casual upon finding out while the girls were ecstatic.

And yet Monica fawning over Ross’s romantic interaction isn’t something to gush at.

She had eyes closed and mimicked Rachel’s exact recount of the moment. Not many sisters would find something such as that a thing to fantasize about. That wasn’t the half of it either, Rachel would further describe the exact manner with which Ross held her among other details with Monica enthusiastically listening in.

5 Ross Barged In On Her

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Although in this instance Ross had no intention to barge in on his sister while she was doing something private, it did bring up a point to consider. In this episode, Phoebe’s dollhouse is set ablaze due to one of the attributes of the house having scented candles (it makes sense in context). Ross happened to stumble upon the dollhouse catching fire and, to put it out, burst into Monica’s bathroom where she was showering.

The matter wasn’t a big emergency, so to speak, and Ross could have easily gone over to Joey and Chandler’s to extinguish the fire. The casualness with which he entered the bathroom would imply he was used to similar mannerisms. Later on, Monica would make an excuse over using a certain mechanism in the shower, as if picturing that was something Ross needed to recollect.

4 The Grown-Up Wrestling

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Rachel’s new boyfriend in season 5, Danny, was inappropriately close to his little sister. The episode where his sister visited is still uncomfortable to watch even though it was supposed to be taken in a lighter context. Rachel was bothered with how the two would wrestle each other despite being fully grown adults. After sharing it with Monica and Ross she was put at ease when the siblings claimed they wrestled too.

To highlight this further, they began wrestling right then and there.

While it was funny, the two wrestled in a way that involved butting heads and being in extremely close proximity, which later transitioned into falling on the couch and continuing grappling one another. It was already weird for siblings their age to wrestle, and then to do so in such a manner wasn’t pretty to watch.

3 The Very Personal Prank

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When Ross was fresh into his relationship with Rachel he took to hanging out at her and Monica’s apartment a lot. This lead to a revisiting of the Gellar siblings’ childhood antics wherein the two would pull pranks on one another, land the other in trouble, and in general hate their guts.

Monica casually mentioned a private point with Ross in close proximity during one of his pranks.

Ross had been on a business call and was annoyed when Monica snatched the phone. In order to get back at her he pretended the next call was from her boyfriend Richard. Monica instantly inquired upon her beau whether she had left one of her control barriers at his place, only to be appalled to find her mother on the line. Why Monica thought it would be appropriate to ask that question with her brother present is a point best not to venture.

2 Watching Ross And Rachel's Video Tape

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The gang was vehemently excited to discover Ross and Rachel had a video which showed how Emma was conceived. Forget how inappropriate it was for a group to want to see their friends’ video, it was a whole lot more gross when considering one member of the group was Ross’s sister.

Monica was the most excited to view the contents of the tape.

Everyone knew what they were getting into when popping the tape in so any normal sister would have ran out of the room covering her eyes and ears but Monica was visibly enthused. Never mind the fact she had just come from her honeymoon, and even told Ross and Rachel that the tape could be considered her wedding present!

1 Monica And Chandler... And Ross

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Dear Lord, the lengths Monica and Chandler took to get together reached puke-inducing levels here. The two were desperate to be alone when they decided they would remain strictly friends after landing back in the states. In London, being close was the priority. So much so that during a moment where they stumbled upon Ross sleeping his sorrows away in his honeymoon suite, they decide to chance it and have fun right there.

Her brother was in the bed at the time!

Thankfully for all concerned, Monica and Chandler were never able to go through with everything as Emily’s parents would interrupt proceedings. How disgusting would it have been had Ross woken up midway through the other scenario? For Monica to even consider it was a crime.

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