FromSoftware Listened And Made Sekiro (Sort Of) Easier

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice got a patch that buffs certain tools and items, and makes a notorious early-game boss easier to take down.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a game that entered meme status for its difficulty, is getting a patch to address some of its harder aspects. The changes affect everything from Prosthetic Tool balancing to certain enemy Postures, and even adds new loading screen tips. This might upset some players who felt challenge was part of the game's appeal, but a closer look at the patch notes make it seem as though the developers always had these things in mind.

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Via: IGN

The patch is version 1.03, and will probably already be available to download when you read this. The biggest changes are what Sekiro developer FromSoftware calls "Improvements to Strategic Approaches." The biggest beneficiary of the changes are Prosthetic Tools from the axe line. These have had their "efficiency and Spirit Emblem cost" adjusted. The Sabimaru blade also had its poison powers increased. Alongside the Prosthetic Tool adjustments are similar buffs to Combat Arts and items.

Overall, FromSoftware seems to want players to use their full arsenal more often. As the game is, players have found it more effective to rely on the firecracker and flame tools and ignore consumables altogether. By lowering the Spirit Emblem costs of the less-used tools and making items like Divine Confetti easier to obtain, the developer hopes players will feel more inclined to experiment with a variety of strategies. That was probably intended for the game's design from the start.

via: motherboard.vice.com

There are other changes, however, which definitely feel like a result of player complaints. The Blazing Bull, a mini-boss that was the subject of many ranting discussion threads, will see its Vitality and Posture lowered. This will make it easier to both land a Deathblow on it and cheese it to death. It could be that the bull just turned out more powerful than FromSoftware intended. However, it's very odd that this particular boss, one the playerbase was extremely vocal about, was the only one to be nerfed. It makes it hard to not see it as a reaction to player feedback.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will still be a hard game after the 1.03 patch. Many bosses retain their punishing patterns and high damage output. However, the adjustments to Blazing Bull could set a precedent. Will FromSoftware nerf other bosses if they receive too many complaints? Only time, and many more deaths, will tell.

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