10 Things Frontier Needs To Fix In Planet Zoo Based On The Beta

Planet Zoo's beta is officially over, and after a few bumps, many would consider it a success. We have already seen some fixes, like animal breeding where players ended up with hundreds of babies in seconds, but there is still more to be done. It seems the overall aspect of the game is fun to play, while some more subtle reasons might have players shutting off their consoles.

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We have uncovered some of the things that Frontier needs to fix before they officially release the game. Most of them are small and minuscule details, but to true fans, they do matter. Keep reading to learn about ten things Frontier needs to fix in Planet Zoo based on the beta!

10 Issues With Breeding And Fighting

When the beta started off, animals were breeding like crazy, but with one of their updates, they fixed this issue and created another at the same time. There were several animals, like tortoises, that still had high breeding rates, while other users reported that lions had not birthed a single cub in over ten years.

There were also several reports of animals being consistently injured, especially in predator species as they tried to kill one another. It seemed that every time an animal aged up, there was instantly a battle. These two things put a damper on a game that users otherwise enjoyed and it often led to protests and bankruptcy.

9 User Interface and Gameplay Depth

Many users have offered up their complaints about the depth of the gameplay and campaign itself. It is all relatively easy and doesn't take any thinking as you research and place items for every challenge. They find the management side to be a little too simple, but it is obvious they put a larger focus on the creative side of these zoos.

Users are also unhappy with the user interface that is enacted in the game. They want to be able to click on an animal or guest and follow it, while still showing their stats. The tabs that give you access to all of your tools can also be confusing, especially when you first start the game.

8 The Giraffes Don't Act Like Giraffes

These large animals seem like something Frontier could have easily mastered but after the beta, it has users slightly concerned. These creatures were seen climbing on rooftops and walking on water, which is something out of the ordinary.

There were other animals as well with issues as baby animals never grew out of their baby state, and we saw what looked like a lion cub become the leader of the pride. It was hilarious to see the reactions by users, but it did take some of the magic out of it because players expect it to be as realistic as possible.

7 Keepers Are Not Feeding The Animals

The keepers struggled to feed the animals and care for them in other manners. There were several complaints of these workers neglecting to clean or even choosing to leave boxed animals in the middle of a path.

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It also didn't help that there was a lack of notifications to let you know that your animals were not being fed until it was a little too late. This made several users upset, especially when the animal that died was one they had spent hours saving up to buy, and the reason it died was entirely not their fault.

6 Inflated Prices In The Market

The Market was a place where users could buy animals from other players, as well as sell the ones they didn't want. It was a broken system because players inflated their prices to amounts that were unbelievably high and the only way to earn conservation points in the beta was to sell your own animals.

This made it very difficult for players to buy certain animals, especially when you couldn't buy them for cash which was much easier to earn. Players have suggested that the developers cap pricing on the animals or add more reasonably priced animals to the Market in order to solve this major issue.

5 The Research System Feels Backward

Players are confused about why they would set up the game so you can only perform research after you have adopted an animal. The animal has certain needs that must be addressed in order for it to live, but by the time you researched its needs, the animal was already dead.

It made it difficult to expand your zoo and move on to bigger and better things when you were constantly battling the clock to try and save your dying animal that should never have been in this state in the first place.

4 Path Placement

Gamers who have figured out how to place paths with ease are considered magicians in this game because it takes a lot of practice. There are times where paths don't want to connect, or they decide that the flat terrain isn't flat enough for a path.

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This system has been in place since the release of Planet Coaster and is still has not changed despite the many complaints given by players over the course of this game. This is one item on the list we don't see changing, but we can always dream of a future with a better path system.

3 Slow Down The Time

A single year passes by in the game in about 20 minutes, but this is a bit too fast for gamers. They want to be able to spend time upgrading their zoo, but with this speed, it seems that they are constantly racing against the clock.

Many players have asked for the speed to be decreased so it is about an hour for every year in the game. This would give players ease of mind and help them lose fewer animals to things like research, underfeeding, and overbreeding.

2 Conservation Points Are Hard To Earn

This might not be a huge issue if all animals in the Market could be bought with cash. Unfortunately, the only way to earn these points in the beta was to sell your animals. People ended up creating ostrich, tortoise, and warthog farms in order to continuously sell their animals in exchange for conservation points.

It made the game not feel like a zoo at all and took away from the concept of conservation as it turned into a breeding frenzy. The animals they could sell also didn't bring in many points as everyone else was also trying to sell the same animals, so it ended up being a broken system.

1 Foliage Maximums

This game is based on creativity and users are upset that many animals have foliage limits. It is understandable that some might not like exhibits filled with trees or shrubs, but it tends to make some exhibits look too barren.

They should instead change the limits to be minimums only in order to give users a wider range to use their creative abilities. We want exhibits to look aesthetically pleasing, but it seems Frontier doesn't want that to happen with the current setup of the game.

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