Tsuyu "Froppy" Asui: My Hero Academia’s Best Girl Needs To Be In Jump Force Already

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Froppy needs to be in Jump Force.

Bandai Namco just made an exciting Jump Force announcement: Seto Kaiba, jerk antagonist from Yu-Gi-Oh!, will be slinging his Blue Eyes White Dragon as the game's first DLC character. This is big news for two reasons. One, it's just awesome to have another Yu-Gi-Oh! character. Two, it all but confirms a leak of the game's nine DLC characters.

Last month, a data miner called SergioM3 found nine names in the game's code. He believed the number was no coincidence, that these names were the DLC characters. Further evidence followed in the form of partial special attack data for some of the nine. Modders were even able to put these characters in the game early with their incomplete attacks.

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While that should be cause for celebration, hyping up what's to come, many fans instead expressed anger at the roster additions. Why, they asked, did Dragon Ball get another character when there are already six? Why was major Naruto villain Madara Uchiha locked behind DLC when the bland Kaguya was in the base game? And of all the My Hero Academia characters, why All Might and Bakugo?

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In their defense, My Hero Academia does have plenty of colorful characters whose abilities would add a more dynamic element to Jump Force's arena fighting. At the very least, the series has more to offer than two more characters with the power to hit things really hard.

If anyone can represent the creative powers and playful tone of MHA, it wouldn't be Bigger Deku and trash boy. It should be Tsuyu Asui, the beloved best girl known as "Froppy."

Froppy Does Whatever a Frog Can

My Hero Academia Froppy Tsuyu Asui Froq Quirk Powers

At the moment, Jump Force's sole MHA representative is Izuku "Deku" Midoriya. He's the obvious pick because he's the main character. But the leak that teased Kaiba promised two more MHA characters, All Might and Bakugo. These two make sense from a character perspective, one being Deku's mentor and the other being his rival. Unfortunately, they'll probably feel redundant when it comes to gameplay.

All Might gave Deku his powers, and Deku pays homage to his mentor by copying his signature attacks. In fighting game terms, that basically means All Might will be a big Deku clone. Bakugo, meanwhile, also admires All Might's power and seeks to emulate it with an aggressive fighting style. Based on the way Jump Force gives characters from the same series similar move sets, he'll probably be Deku but with explosions.

All the more reason Froppy needs to be in Jump Force– her powers make for way for interesting fighting game moves.

Froppy's Move Set

Tsuyu Asui Froppy Frog Quirk Tongue Powers

Tsuyu Asui differs from the likes of Deku and Bakugo in that her Quirk isn't some power she can activate. Her froggish features are a part of her body. That affects the way she moves and fights, giving Froppy a natural agility the guys can't match. In Jump Force, this could manifest in better aerial movement and dodging ability (something the game could desperately use given the dominance of projectile spammers).

Froppy's also got that froggy tongue, a trait she uses to both rescue teammates and subdue foes. It could make a great command grab in Jump Force, similar to Hisoka's Bungee Gum. Or it could be Froppy's assist, used to keep foes at bay.

Recently in the anime, Froppy also displayed the ability to camouflage. While stealth doesn't really work in a fighting game, it could be part of one of her special attacks. Perhaps Tsuyu Asui's ultimate could start with her going invisible then surprising the foe, leading into a flurry of attacks that end in a tongue slam. She's already got a similar move in My Hero: One's Justice.

Overall, Froppy could be a quick fighter that focuses on leaping around foes until they leave an opening. If designed to play to her strengths, Froppy would provide a rare support role on a Jump Force team. That would lend the roster more variety than two more punchy guys.

The Roster Is Supposed To Be Based On Popularity

My Hero Academia Ones Justice Froppy Gameplay

If you've been following Jump Force, you'll know this isn't the first piece written about a character that should have been. It's probably not even the first to sing Froppy's praises. You'd also know that one of the more common responses to roster criticism is "they chose the most popular characters."

That's a sensible response in many cases, such as complaints as to why Dragon Ball has so many characters. In Froppy's case, however, the argument actually helps her. Tsuyu "Call Me Sue" Asui stole the show when the anime debuted in the West, before she even took on the name Froppy. The anime gave Froppy her own episode, stretching out an arc just to give fans more of the frog girl.

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On the community side of things, Froppy gets as much cosplay and fan art as Uraraka, who is supposed to be the female lead. Perhaps even more. She places highly in character popularity polls, even managing to beat out Bakugo and All Might in the U.S. surveys. So, yes, Froppy passes the popularity test.

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Sausage Force

You can count the number of female playable characters in Jump Force on one hand and still have fingers left over. Yet for some reason, MHA is going to add two more dudes to the mix. That's a downright crime for a series that has several fan-favorite female fighters. It's just simple fact that MHA has many characters with imaginative designs and fighting styles that just happen to be ladies. Instead, we get another buff dude and cocky rival type.

Maybe if the game sells well, there'll be a season 2 of DLC. Then Froppy could get her due respect. Like the OG frog said, it's not easy being green.

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