30 Fun Thoughts From Girls Who Play Console Games

By this point, I think it’s safe to say that the idea of the “gamer girl” that some guys think about in their heads don't actually exist. But that doesn’t mean that girls who play games don’t exist. Most of the time, they’re just the same as guys - lowkey, average people who just happen to have a hobby which involves hunting monsters and solving puzzles.

That said, every lowkey, average person - guy or girl - has some secrets which they never tell those close to them. Often, these confessions are too big and scary to make in the real world, but with the anonymity of the Internet, it can be a lot easier to reveal your innermost secrets.

That’s where Whisper comes in. First released in 2012, Whisper really blew up in 2015 as an app in which people can post so-called “confessions”, along with an image, to their immediate area completely anonymously. Because of that, you get a lot of weird confessions you would never have heard of in real life popping up on your screen - some of them definitely real, and some of them reeking of attention seeking.

This list has thirty of the best, worst, and just plain weirdest, Whisper confessions we’ve been able to find from girls who play video games. Brace yourself before you read on, because some of these are about to make your brain explode.

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30 Forever Alone

Via: Whisper.sh

While some Whispers are definitely designed to be attention-grabbing, others read through just like entries straight from someone’s diary. This one, in particular, seems like it’s someone’s innermost thought, and even though it ends with a question we get the feeling this person isn’t really seeking validation from anyone other than themselves.

The good news is that there’s plenty of guys out there who really like playing video games, and many would love a partner who does the same. Your Playstation Prince will definitely come one day, and in the meantime, there’s absolutely no shame in waiting for the right person. In fact, you should probably enjoy having exclusive use of the TV and Xbox controller while you can, because I guarantee once you find that special someone you won’t have it for much longer.

29 Jealousy Is Hard

Via: Whisper.sh

Oh, god. Where do we even start with this confession? The first thing that comes to mind has to be that meme of the overly attached girlfriend staring into her camera. Someone needs to take hold of this girl and tell her that it’s not cool to invade her boyfriend’s privacy like this and that she needs to have more trust in the relationship if she expects it to be healthy and functional.

The most ridiculous thing is that, as everyone knows, girls and guys can 100% be friends without any romantic subtext whatsoever. That’s even more true for people who are online friends, who most of the time have never even seen each other's faces or heard their voices. Why does this girl assume that her boyfriend must want to be iwith anything with a female name?

28 At Least It Wasn't Someone Else's

Via: Whisper.sh

One of the most incredibly embarrassing moments (which thankfully hasn’t happened to me yet) has to be saying someone else’s name. Something which is almost as embarrassing (but honestly kind of cute) is screaming out someone’s gamer tag during.

That said, a lot of it comes down to what the tag actually is.

After all, if someone’s gamer tag is something like “John” or even “Silveria” that can be kind of fun, and it could even involve some kind of roleplay. But if someone’s username is “HorsesRAwesome123” or “~xGaming Is Da Bestx~”, we can imagine it would be kind of weird to scream in it. Maybe it’s better to just stick to given names, don’t you think?

27 This Is Just Getting Absurd…

Via: Whisper.sh

Honestly, as much as I like some of these Whisper confessions, some of them are frankly just ridiculous. People really get their imaginations running wild when they log onto the app because I’ve seen comments about all kinds of stuff that I definitely didn’t wanna know about.

Case in point: the confession above which seems like it was posted by an alleged “gamer” who wants some attention and probably a visit to their show. I can't imagine that anyone would do this with an Xbox controller - and even if you did why would you broadcast it to the world? After all, surely a GameCube would have a much better vibration function.

26 Easy Money

Via: Whisper.sh

I think it’s safe to say that most people who play games would rather do that than work - assuming that their work doesn’t involve gaming, of course. After all, all those game developers and testers have a pretty sick job. But there’s one job which I didn’t even know existed, but which I now think is my true calling in life.

Seeking: One professional game player who is interested in dressing up. $100 an hour, immediate start.

Seriously, how can you get any better than this kind of work? Not only are you doing something that you love, but you’re dressing up and having fun while doing it. I’m not sure what the other requirements of this job are, but as it is I think it’s a dream.

25 He Doesn't Deserve This

Via: Whisper.sh

I’m still a little unsure whether or not this Whisper is legitimate, but either way, the person who came up with this really needs to apologize for putting this bizarre image into my innocent mind.

We hate to tell the creator of this Whisper this, but yes: it is very creepy.

Luigi is a childhood favorite, and to mix that youthful fun energy with anything related to pleasure is always gonna be weird. It’s even creepier when you imagine that this Luigi amiibo must be on display all day atop her Wii U, and when you think of the mental image of him with his pointer finger up and a smile on his face...I need to take a shower just after thinking of that.

24 Are Woman Caves A Thing?

Via: Whisper.sh

We all know about the ideal man cave. Ideally, it consists of an amazing gaming laptop, a huge screen to play things on, a minibar for all your beer and snacks, and a couch bed that you can crash on when the night gets late. Oh, and soundproof walls so that no one can hear you yelling at your screen.

But one thing that we didn’t know we needed in our man cave is a gamer girl.

Playing with yourself is fun, but there’s nothing better than having a girl next to you who you can verse in Call of Duty or who can take over in Breath of The Wild when your thumbs are getting sore. Even better if you both love the same games!

23 I Didn't Expect To Read This Today

Via: Whisper.sh

Those familiar with MMO’s will know about terms like “tank” - the strong character with a high defense expected to take the brunt of all blows - and “heal” - the character who’s expected to revive the health of all their teammates. The truth is, everyone in these kinds of games has a role to play, and it’s probably fair to say that real life is no different.

However, the difference is that in real life it’s a little difficult to be a “heal” - unless, of course, your significant other is a soldier, a hitman, or something similarly exciting. The use of the word sub this context is also a little less expected, mostly because I have no idea how you can be a submissive in the context of a video game.

22 Issues With The Fam

Via: Whisper.sh

Have you ever noticed something weird about yourself based on your interactions in video games? For me personally, I’ve found that I always tend to gravitate towards playing as female characters when given the option, even though I’m a male. I’m not sure if that’s just because I like their hair more or if it’s because I want to live in their shoes for a day.

Definitely, the biggest example of this has to be in some of the Telltale games like The Walking Dead, where you can often learn quite a lot about the kind of person you are - or the person you aspire to be - based on your actions, which can change the entire course of the game. The cool thing about that is that you can even view how many other players picked the same options as you, which can either make you feel super lonely or super validated.

21 An Angel Looking For Her Halo

Via: Whisper.sh

Let’s face it: we’ve all had that moment before where we’ve crushed on a fictional character. For some of us, we were young kids looking after Misty from Pokémon; for others, you’re a more mature gamer and it’s one of the girls from Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball. It’s natural when you’re spending so much time with one of these characters to get a case of the feels.

Either way, it’s nice to know that guys aren’t alone with this kind of thing.

This Whisper confession proves that even girls have crushes on fictional characters. But while guys might be more interested in their crush's body, for girls love is clearly blind. After all, no one actually knows what Master Chief from Halo looks like - unless this gamer girl knows something we don’t.

20 Bring A Flashlight

Via: Whisper.sh

This is one of those Whispers that we just don’t even understand. What is the appeal of playing video games while having fun with your significant other, ignoring them the whole time to defeat a boss or find some hidden treasure? Do people really think this kind of thing is hot?

On a side note, it’s so strange how much of an impact the background images that people choose have on our perceptions of their Whispers. If this background image weren’t there, my first instinct would be to think that this was written by a creepy old guy who still lives in his parent's basement but because of that background image we assume it’s a relatively attractive young girl writing. It’s a bizarre mind trick.

19 At Least She Likes It

Via: Whisper.sh

While some of these Whisper confessions are truthful but tragic, others are simply hilarious - even if they’re clearly made up. Honestly, I can’t imagine this happening in any relationship, and even if it did I can’t imagine the girl being happy enough about it to post it on Whisper.

Just think about the logistics of it.

What kind of guy invites his friends over just to leave them in one room while he hangs out with his girlfriend next door? And what kinda dude would scream out to the rest of the house just to let them know he’s about to finish? What kind of friends are that chill that they’re just waiting nearby to encourage their friend on his escapades? And what kind of girlfriend is willing to take that kind of thing? I’m calling fake on this one, but it’s fun for a laugh anyway.

18 Preach The Truth, Sister

Via: Whisper.sh

I think pretty much every gamer can relate to this comment in one way or another. Growing up, it’s generally the jocks who play baseball and work out in the gym who are at the top of the social food chain, with the nerds into video games and computers somewhere down the bottom.

It’s pretty common for gamers to be teased relentlessly for their interests.

But in the last few years, there’s definitely been a revival of nerd culture. Going to see Marvel and DC movies is now seen as a cool thing to do; Lord of The Rings is getting a big budget TV show remake; and thanks to the rise of indie games on Steam, video games are less frowned upon than they ever have been. It’s a good thing at the end of the day, but we can understand the frustration.

17 Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Via: Whisper.sh

Before you judge this Whisper too quickly, take a look at your own Sims game and consider how cruel you’ve been to your own characters. I, for one, know that even though I’ve never given any of my Sim’s identifying names, I have disposed of them in some pretty extreme ways.

The possibilities for Sims harm are endless.

Drowning them in the pool, setting them on fire in the kitchen, having them electrocuted or starving them in a room without windows...One of my absolute favorites has to be demise by Cow Plant, which features a Venus Fly Trap with the head of a cow swallowing your Sim whole. All you have to do is starve the plant for a few days, then taunt it until it eats you up. How can you not like this game?

16 Better With The Lights Off

Via: Whisper.sh

What’s your preferred way to play games? Do you do it with friends, in the privacy of your own home and fully clothed? Or maybe you’re playing with your virtual pals, who can’t see you as you munch down Cheetos in your underwear? Either way, I’m sure it won’t be as embarrassing as this person’s habit, which is to play video games in your birthday suit, presumably while no one else is watching.

As for playing games with the lights off, it’s not something I can personally recommend. When I was younger I used to stay up late at night with my lights out so my parents wouldn’t know I was playing games on my laptop. It was only years later that I went to get my eyes tested and was told that looking at screens with the lights out actually isn’t the greatest thing for your eyesight.

15 What Is She Hiding?

Via: Whisper.sh

Sometimes it can be kind of embarrassing for people to admit that they’re into gaming. Regardless of what we personally think about it here on TheGamer, there’s still somewhat of a stigma around gaming in the general public, and gamers are sometimes looked at as antisocial, geeky, or time-wasters.

Maybe that’s why this gamer girl is hiding the fact she plays games from her boyfriend.

Or maybe - just maybe - there’s something else going on here. Who is this boy she’s playing games with? What kind of games are they? And where are the videos uploaded - YouTube or somewhere more nefarious? Either way, this whole situation sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, and we’re hoping she tells her boyfriend soon to avoid a Days of Our Lives situation.

14 The Truth About Gamer Girls

Via: Whisper.sh

When you think of a “gamer girl”, normally your brain immediately jumps to the kind of girl you see on an Instagram pages or trashy Tumblr feeds. You know, the one with the long blonde hair and low-cut top who always seems to be cosplaying Harley Quinn or making Sailor Moon’s skirt even shorter than normal

But judging by this Whisper, that’s not really an accurate image. Turns out gamer girls are just like gamer guys. Even with the crumbs on the sweater and the illicit chemical use, we have to say that this girl sounds like a pretty cool chick to hang out with. There’s always room for another username on my friend's list.

13 Say Goodbye To Your PS4

Via: Whisper.sh

Having a girlfriend who’s a gamer is one of the best things ever. No longer do you have to face the shame and of playing games to your heart’s content and no longer are you nagged to stop playing just to do chores or watch a rom-com. Instead, you can both enjoy having a similar hobby and sharing your games and consoles with each other.

Or that’s how it should work, anyway. In reality, just like some people hog the sheets, some people take the game consoles that were meant to be enjoyed by a couple and hijack it for their own personal use. God of War is a great game, but we’re sure at this point this couple is wishing there’s a co-op version available.

12 Who You Calling A Gamer Girl?

Via: Whisper.sh

Here’s a question: do we think that the term “gamer girl” is automatically gender bias? After all, dudes who play video games are rarely referred to as “gamer guys” - they’re just gamers. So why do we need to separate girls from that term by labeling them as “gamer girls”?

Whatever your thoughts on the definition of a “gamer," it’s clear that the idea of a “gamer girl” was really just created by some girls with video games looking for a quick payday, and doesn’t actually exist at all. And who can blame them? If I could make money just by photographing myself while dressing up in fun outfits and playing some awesome games, I would totally do the same thing!

11 She Deserves Better

Via: Whisper.sh

Here’s a weird Whisper courtesy of a girl whose significant other seems to be neglecting her for his games. The weird thing about this is that I think most guys with a PlayStation Network subscription would actually want their girlfriend to play games with them, and often-times would be the ones asking their partner to match them in FIFA. In this situation, it’s actually the girl who’s pestering her boyfriend to play games, with the guy weirdly reluctant to do so.

I wonder what the backstory to this Whisper is?

Maybe the girl is a really bad gamer and the guy doesn’t want to be embarrassed identifying with her? Or maybe he just has some weird idea in his head that only dudes can play video games, and he doesn’t understand her interest? Either way, let’s hope these two get some counseling to sort out their issues!

10 A Forbidden Love

Via: Whisper.sh

The rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox users is one as old as time. Not only do the two gaming powerhouses tend to release their consoles around the same time to create competition in the market, but they’ll also nab exclusive rights to certain games just to pressure gamers into buying their product over the competitor. The fans of each company have taken this rivalry pretty personally too - for proof of that, just scroll down to the bottom of any article about one of the consoles, and if you go deep enough into the comments section you’ll be bound to see a flamewar.

Obviously, we all know that this kind of rivalry is incredibly stupid and not to invest too much time into it, so it’s kind of cool to see a couple who’s able to rise above the stupidity and make fun of the competition. I wonder if their future baby will like Nintendo Switch best!

9 Send Her My Way

Via: Whisper.sh

Most of the people reading this article will know about the shame that can come with playing video games. There’s this idea that gamers are just lazy layabouts who do nothing with their time other than moving from the couch to the fridge to the bathroom and then back again. And while that’s true for some people, it’s definitely not true for the majority of casual gamers.

The difference between that stereotype and what’s being described here is that this gamer is a girl. Normally, when we think of a typical gamer we’d think of a chubby guy with glasses (it’s sad but true). But in this case, it’s a girl who’s scared of judgment, and from her boyfriend no less. Regardless of gender, you should never feel judged by your significant other just for your hobbies.

8 Sneak Level 100

Via: Whisper.sh

One of the worst parts of breaking up is trying to divide all of the belongings that you’ve accrued over years together. In the most extreme circumstances, this can involve children; in more moderate circumstances, it can involve pets; and in the circumstances that should be simple, it can involve video game consoles.

But for some people, video game console ownership can be a matter of life or demise.

Take this issue here, where a girl has left her Xbox at her ex-boyfriend’s house. It looks like in this situation, she’s less torn up about the fact that she broke up with her partner, and more upset about missing her Xbox.

7 All Jokes Aside…

Via: Whisper.sh

Honestly, even though some of these Whisper confessions are plain hilarious, some of them can be quite serious and even slightly heartbreaking. As a male, I have no idea what it must be like to play a game and be judged for it just because of your gender. I’m also lucky in that I play games where everyone’s pretty friendly and there’s a lot of community spirit in the air, so I never really see people being discriminated against for something they were already born with.

But the idea of someone having to avoid certain games just because they don’t want to be bullied really is depressing. I highly doubt any of our readers are the kind to bash someone just because of their gender, but this is a friendly reminder if you do see anyone else doing it to stick up for the person being bullied. You might just make their day.

6 Working From Home

Via: Whisper.sh

Serious question: do people actually find this kind of Whisper in any way exciting or attractive? For me, this kind of confession is really just a total turn off, and super cringe-worthy at that. I can’t ever imagine myself being attracted to someone who would flaunt themselves so shamelessly for attention to complete strangers, so I really have no idea who this kind of post is aimed towards.

To each their own I guess. It seems like this girl must have enough attention to make what she’s doing worthwhile for her which I suppose is the most important thing, and I highly doubt she cares much for the opinions of someone like me. My only real question is whether this is paid or unpaid work - hopefully she’s getting something out of it!

5 The Perfect Woman Doesn’t Exi-

Via: Whisper.sh

Oh. My. God. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a Whisper post more! Maybe it’s just me, but ever since the rush of Christmas started dying down and people started heading back to the everyday working slog, I’ve felt totally drained and exhausted. Everyone’s out hanging with friends and going to parties, and honestly, all I’ve wanted to do is stay home and play the video games I got given as presents over the holiday period.

The downside to this kind of behavior is that it’s hard to keep good friends around. But the upside is that you can get lost in entirely new worlds. My save file for Breath of the Wild has never looked so good, and when there’s an entire kingdom to save who needs friends?

4 There Are Worse Ways To Cheat

Via: Whisper.sh

I find this confession a little difficult to understand if I’m being honest. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been in any serious committed relationships in a while, but I find it weird that video games and your relationship would even be linked like that.

Do you feel like you’re cheating watching movies, or taking your dog for a walk?

If everyday things like that are really making you feel like a bad person, maybe you should reconsider your relationship. Either your husband is super controlling and making you feel bad for no reason, or he’s just plain boring. Either way, it might be time to find a new partner, preferably one who’s happy to play Call of Duty with you.

3 You Just Want Attention, You Don't Want My Heart

Via: Whisper.sh

I try my best to stay non-judgemental when writing these articles, but things like this really test me. On the one hand, I respect this girl being open enough about her issues to share it with the world, even if it is anonymously. But on the other hand, what the heck is she thinking by being this possessive and jealous towards members of her own gender?

You expect a battle of the genders, but competition between girls is just silly.

After all, the ratio for guy to girl gamers has to be like 3 to 1, so even if you do want some male attention, I’m sure there are enough interested guys to go round. Why bother dragging down your female competitors when you could just play together and double team all the guys?

2 An Interesting Choice…

Via: Whisper.sh

It’s crazy to think that Undertale is already three years old, partially because it’s still so current in terms of its vibe, and partially because it’s still so loved and has such a big legacy and fanbase. If you haven't yet played the game, all you need to know is that it's about a child who has fallen into a large region underneath the surface of the earth, and who needs to fight (or just subdue) monsters in order to escape. Sans is one of the two brothers who act as a sentry for the Underground, but he's quite adorable and has become a cult favorite among players.

Even though Sans isn’t immediately the most good looking character, I’m kind of ashamed to admit I can see the attraction. Maybe he was cuter before the flesh started to decay?

1 Violence Against Mii?

Via: Whisper.sh

For too long, Mii’s have been standing in the shadows of their powerful overlords, too scared and alone to say anything. But thanks to confessions like this on Whisper, Mii’s are finally finding the strength to come forward and face their violent attackers. Mii’s have been taking over the Internet one social media at a time, united by the hashtag...


In all honesty, this kind of behavior is probably the most weirdly acceptable form of violence I can think of. It may not solve any real issues (unless the husband has some way to communicate with his Mii and hear his woes), but at least it’s a healthy way to let all your anger out on an inanimate object when you just need to vent.

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