Funko Announces MegaMan, Cuphead Cereal - Seriously

If you are a gamer, film buff, or Netflix binge-watcher (or all the above), chances are you've run into many Funko Pop! collectibles. These little figures are a pop culture fan's dream; any major character you can think of probably has been realized as a Pop! figure. (From Godzilla to Betty Boop, there's a Pop! for everyone.) Now these little guys will be the stars of their own cereal. That's right: the company announced that it will be unleashing cereal called "FunkO's" at select stores this month.

There are six character cereals on the way, but gamers will probably be most interested in the Mega Man and Cuphead ones. According to Funko, in July, the Mega Man cereal will be sold at GameStop, while Cuphead & Mugman will be sold at Hot Topic. For those interested in the other cereals, the other characters are Freddy Funko (the company's mascot), Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. That's not the end however, as Funko says that "Additional cereals will continue to be added throughout the year for your snacking pleasure." With so many characters to pick from, it's almost impossible to speculate who could be next.

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There is one more incentive to go find these breakfast items. According to Funko, every cereal box will contain a "collectible figure." So, you can expect a miniature Mega Man prize upon opening your GameStop FunkO's, as an example. These figures won't be as large as the actual Pop! figures based on the pictures, but since they are made by the company, they should prove to be nice little items to have on your desk. Unfortunately, no prices were given in the blog post. Because these cereals will only be sold at specialty stores, it is reasonable to conclude that they will be a bit pricier than a box of Cap'n Crunch you can find at your local supermarket. Interestingly, back in March in an interview with the Colorado Eagle & Journal, Funko did say that the cereal would be priced at $7.99. However, in that same interview, it was stated that the cereal would launch in June, and it seemed like Elvira would be part of the first wave. These two things are not the case, so it's unknown if the $7.99 price still stands.

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FunkO's is not totally out of left field. After all, late last year Nintendo partnered with Kellogg's to release "Super Mario Cereal." Funko is also utilizing nostalgia; how many people have fond memories having cereal with a prize in it, while watching Saturday morning cartoons? As long as the pricing is reasonable, FunkO's should have a place in many pop culture fans' cabinets.

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